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Trundling across the tracks,clickity clack

Destination end of the line

Wind howls rain batters down

The sea is wild throwing the Forth asunder

Crashing and cascading through the mighty girders

White horses batter the line

The journey ends at the ferry

Delay till calm returns once more

The chill shatters the core of all

Soaked too the core complete

Dreak and damp sullen gray

The matted form of everything

No sunlight or rays of hope 

Huddled safe on this dipressive state

Awaiting the releif that light does bring

The journey of life is a stormy afair

We are but a spec
Small undescript grain of sand
Blown by the winds of change
Tumbling along with the masses
Tightly packaged and ensnared
Bursting with life but never freed
This is our lot without choice
Dunes amassed with time
Shifted by social winds
We the grains that build the dunes
As society wains under pressures of state
We are but a grain of sand

Emerald green life filled form
On our limbs we hang around
Parrasol like in canopy’s massed
Pointing down to the grass
Filtration units nature born
In woods and forrests we act as one
A shaded spot,cool for you to rest
A climbing frame or place too nest
We support your lives day to day
We are the structures you build and play
We enliven the world in form and colour
From springs fresh life to autumnal flourish
We leaves and trees grace your space
This planet of ours saving grace
So while your out strolling around
Spare a thought for the lives all around
Treat us well keep us true
Without a thought we care for you.
Never Leaf us from your mind.


Ideas like pebbles cast
Drops in the ocean
Willing too last
Ripples omitted
Disturbances clear
Making of waves
Memories disapeare
Lost in the waters
Spread too the seas
Crashing on shores
Those meant too be
Disapation of energies
Waining of fight
Scattered aplenty
Conceptual at best
Maybe one day
They will take route and rest
And grow into forrests
Full of ideas


Standing in rows
Sways of dullness
Interpreted as conformitivity
Shuffeling our way
Through dailly trudgery
Numbers not names
Tick boxes of similarity
Scared to enblazen colour
Fearfull of our indavidualism
Sanctamonious oppressive simulation
Natures devoid of self
Robotic motions clock work ability
Regemented by generatory conformism
Life slopes by unaware of freedoms gift

Strike force

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Random
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Locked and loaded
Fully prepared
Call sign charlie pray beware
Reconasance done formulated plan
Kick down the door toss in a flash bang
Tormentors and demons bewildered at once
Leading with personality,smile and informed to inhance
Fire a few rounds of dont give them a chance
Societies terrorist down too there knees
No praying on the weak,disadvantaged or meek
Clearing the rooms one at a time as we go
With steel like clinicalisation scything through depressive dark shapes
Pilling up to target X
Placing shaped charge upon the door
Fire in the hole is the battle cry
As it flies of its hinges
Filling all inside with shock and suprise
More molten steel sprayed about this large room
Protaginists fall without any wounds
Capture the leader bound and pulled free
Time to interrogate,re educate and release
Successful missions are abound and full truth
One terrorist cell left defencless as hell
Take pride in this story
For many do dwell
This defeat of the bullies,tormentors of worth


Posted: June 14, 2014 in Random
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Gnarled and contorted
Intertwined by force
Twisted form of self
Incoseptual heap of pain
Fractured and split
Mashed and confused
Depressed conformity
Scrumpled and dented