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In the dim
I rise above all
In the dark I am one
Concepts rise above
Transperant asides divulged
Sonics bounce lighting the way
Without sight I am king
Without sound I hunt
My pray is never safe
My counterparts and companions
At safeties side sit free
Wild and astute
Calm and composed
From distance I can hit my mark
At close range they fall in silence
The assassin in daylight
The slayer of night
But cool calm and collected
Dressed with indifference
Concealed in oblivion
Where,when and how
Who is next on the list

Lying still and quiet
Consealed by nature
Targets on the move
Watching and learning
Notes taken weather judged
At one with my hole
Evasion mastered routes mapped
Numbers counted escape planned
Miniscule movements
Positions planned
Radio silence all is calm
Days and nights
Minutes and hours
Waiting silently for our time
Targets jotted
Ears are pricked
Hightend emotions coiled like spring
Control of breathing
Closing fast
Slow compression of metal
Process starts
Explosion of energy
Propulsion begins
Cutting through the air
With message of silence
Wispering wind
Target slumps in his place
Stillness is key
Detections a fail
Delivery of Wispering wind
Extraction point A
Motions are go
Slow and subtle
Careful as I go
No emotion or regret
Job is done
Taxi ordered on our way home
Nobody sees us
No sound is made
The procurement of death
Is our job lot