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From the valley
Enriched and alive
We stronger than ever arise
Greater than before
Ritchie because of darkness
Elevated to higher ground
Always looking and listening
Tantalising society
Manafesting or future
Envocing emotional ploys
Never decending back too darkness


wings spread wide
Wind in your hair
Ant like people
Way down there
Jostling and pushing
silent shouting

None notice
The freedom you have
Careless pasture
Up in the sky
Electric blue
Sun on your face
Free from the frantic pace

Swooping and soaring
In freedoms bliss
No intentions
Minotonis regeme
Fresh and clear
Brain in nuetral
Etching dreams
Beside the clouds

Break the chain
Let freedom chance
Pick up your life
With both hands
Wash it clean
and air it dry
As on the breeze
you effortlessly fly

Back to reality
Earth to touch
Angelic peace
No need for rush
Return back too
The human race
Attacking life in your new space


We watch and learn
Look but dont see
The people the things
Around us so near

From food on our plate
To words that are said
The windows are open
But no light enters in

Bumbling along on our
Blinkered path
Down in the dumps
Glum and forlorn

Missing the joy
And wonder around
The colours so bright
The smiles in the sun

Dont wander alone
Open your eyes
Let the light in
See,enjoy let the world in

Brighten your minutes,hours
and days.
Chase all the glum and blues
Smelling the roses and having
Makes you somebody not a
No One.