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Striking lighting like

Intensifying every twinge 

Sending the sensors into overdrive

Clouding the judgement always
Bolt upright I sit

Corpse like and still

Eyes red and bleary

Darkness consumes my form
Ground hog day starts once more

As my mask fitted

Smiling ,happy and fresh

I tackle the tasks before me
Dulled by medicated chemical’s

Cruising along with programmed tasks

Personality void,robotic motion

Plowing through the day
Homeward to solitude

Mask drops partialy once more

Top up of chemicals

Replenishment of energy

Returning to my easy bed

And the chatter of the pixelated noise box


On fields now cold
These heroes bold
Laid down thier soles
So that we could be free
From tyronies grasp
And horrific days

Without thought they charged
Under fire and hale of molten metal
From land mine charge to IED
At home and lands far from here
With pride and determination
They pushed forward
Bannishing enemies and tyrants
Making safe and holding firm

We honour them
By acheivements bold
A poppy on our chest
2 minutes of reflection on this day
And every day we live
They will and should never be forgotten
Man,woman,child or animal
They deserve our patriotic aplause
No matter your race,colour or religion

They gave thier blood
The sacraficed the highest
No grater deed by the few
For the good of the many
We shall remember them
Hounour and praise
Thanks and adoration
Forever and ever


       The meekness of mankind
        Is torn asunder
      Once peaceful scene’s scarred for
     Orders given by the safe followed by
      the brave trained souls
     Let’s bow our heads and remember
      All the brave hero’s
     That both gave and give thier lives
      with  unfaltering  pride
     We salute you Our Armed forces and        praise you
      Let your honor and dedication never be forgotten


Joined the ranks
Brave men of all ages
Subscriptors to the cause
For King and Country
Without thought of self
Too fight and serve
In lands far away
Against Tyrone and opression
Unknown terrors awaited
Entrenched,cold and wet
In feilds once peiceful
They launched over the top
Attacking a foe as scared as them
The majority lay dead or dieing
Where they fell
Wave upon wave,time and again
History heralds there bravery true
The memeories held by me and you
Nations remember the dead and brave
That gave up their freedoms
So others could live

The Home Coming

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Random
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Hot breath against her flesh
Strong arms embraced
Powerful rythmic beat
Heart races,skin tingles
Lust filled images fill her head
Lips qwiver in antisapation

Pictures hung on the wall
Smugged with fingers caress
Lipstick marks of passion
Sented letrers
Piled neatly beside bed
Lingering memories of days passed

Continuation begins
Repatriation of relationship
Renewal of feelings
Re working of life
Take two
Reconnecting of indaviduals
Normality over duty
Simplicity and generalisation
Possibility of progressiveness

Of mind and body
Steady relocatory advance
Her hero,rock and everything
Once more begins
Re education of civility
Humanities beleif

Nightmares and swets
Agression and awkwardness
Reactory symtoms of service
Seeker of help
Freedoms fighter and man
Fearfull and meek
Returning foil of goverment
Peace keeper to all
Tours done duties put to bed
Salutes and praise heeped
Haunted soul pacified


Dancing embers tumble and frolic
Stemmed droplets of water gather
Crashing and caressing the shore
Breaths and whispers of air
Gently toss and teasle through our hair
Rolling round our body with gentle feather like touch

We gaze out into the open
Thoughts of each others actions
In this time and place
Out stretched arms fill with warmth
With every breeze and white horse tail
Heart leaps with every passing thought
Beating like the rythmic clickity clack of a train on rails
Faster and harder as our thoughts come together

Two distant shapes brought together
With undying passions and love
Time standing still as silence surounds us
The world stopping and peace decending
This indecent space is ours too elope and dance
To our own tunes and idealisms

I take this moment with me as I go
To chase you in my dreams
And sleep entangled in your soul
Deep our thundering hearts are embeded in the other
Keeping the attachment strong
Antisepation cavorts around my soul
For the day we hold each other close
Once again my lover,friend and one and only