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Floating free
Indavidualised attempts
Freedoms chance
Sections of a whole
Un joined , soleless
Staring at limbs of cell
Cavorting in spacialism
Breathing carbon copied choice
Struggling for re apatriation of wholeness
Confused and deviod of strengths
Singular and weakend
Imbasilic atomic composatory woe


Independance of a country is a choice of the people. Not a political action with tit for tat strikes of vocalised profanity or Physical hatred towards either side.

Referendum: The selective vote to decide on a plan of action. So if YES wins then it is more likely to go through in 2016 which is the actual vote. If it is a victory for the No camp then it is likely to be a No in 2016.
Scottish Governance: This is the contentious point in all for decisions to be made. There are many that do not hold Alex Salmond in any regard at all. But this isnt what the vote is for at all he will be voted out at next election and already his own party have set about seeking new leadership. So do not take him into concideration for your decision.
  Westminster Governance: David and Nick are rabbits in headlights over the whole thing. Harbergers of doom and gloom and profanity neither they nor there parties have actually come up with a strong informed arguement for keeping the union.
   They have made heavy of what will be levied at scotland by westminster if Yes wins on the 18th. This is time to wake up as these cuts and sanctions will still be brought to bare even if No wins.
They can not stop Scotland keeping the pound as its monetary unit.And sending Mr Darling a paid puppet to argue and debate was a disaster as he himself couldnt make anything stick. And also basically said that a) scotland could use the pound b) Scotland would be a strong nation and c) Couldnt uphold his Parties line with any verve at all.

The transition in all this will mean a period of osterity for Scotland. in that prices may be higher and the populious and governance will have to find there feet. This is only natural in any break away from long term unity. However this is not a divorce where arguements about houses,cats,children or pets should cloud anyones views or decisions.
  Edward (Longshanks) applied similar tactics as our present goverment . Supplying tax breaks,larger facilities,promise of contracts ect to draw firms and businesses South of the border. But there own ageements on EU laws and stipulations will come back too bite them. Particularly on the banking and financial front, at present all financial centers are to be in the capitals or where governance of the country is held. So at this time it will be London , this is why Rbs,Llyods ect are moving to london if Yes wins on the 18th. But if that is the case in 2016 if Yes wins they would have to move to Edinburgh anyway under the new regulations and stipulations there off.
  If this is not done then hefty fines and sanctions are in place.

The countries present Goverment are cutting services,benifits,military,Nhs,Royal mail and many more to come. They are and have caused an increase in the number of people living below the bread line,raised the need for food banks,cloths banks and more homless family shelters. They have given un realistic parameters too agencies making decisions in disabilities needs,funding and social needs.
  At the present rate a large majority of the country will be even worse off by the time a general election is brought to be.
  A part from the historic and chronoligical growth of the UK with Scotland as an integral part. Being miss understood and used as the test bed for things like Poll Tax,Bedroom Tax and many more throughout the years.
   What catastrophic acts will actually take place if Independance is Won?.
  There will only be one major differance in that Scotland would be its own Nation and have its own Identity, Allowing it to be solely recognised for its own great acheivements. And then there still could be a great working relationship with all the other nations England,Wales and Ireland. As we are at the moment technically in Glasgows Games it should have been a UK team !!! but it wasnt, it was ok for Scotland,Wales and Ireland to have there “independant” Personalities and teams take part as they are looked at within Great Britains Commonwealth !!!.

I am an always will be a True Scotsman no matter what decission is made on the 18th Of September 2014. But people need to make either decision properly informed. And the attacks on each other from both Yes and No camps needs to stop as it doesnt help either get closer to victory. That is why we are a democracy voted by the people by our choices , selections and votes. Not by thuggary,benevelance,hatered and foul profanity.


Dancing embers tumble and frolic
Stemmed droplets of water gather
Crashing and caressing the shore
Breaths and whispers of air
Gently toss and teasle through our hair
Rolling round our body with gentle feather like touch

We gaze out into the open
Thoughts of each others actions
In this time and place
Out stretched arms fill with warmth
With every breeze and white horse tail
Heart leaps with every passing thought
Beating like the rythmic clickity clack of a train on rails
Faster and harder as our thoughts come together

Two distant shapes brought together
With undying passions and love
Time standing still as silence surounds us
The world stopping and peace decending
This indecent space is ours too elope and dance
To our own tunes and idealisms

I take this moment with me as I go
To chase you in my dreams
And sleep entangled in your soul
Deep our thundering hearts are embeded in the other
Keeping the attachment strong
Antisepation cavorts around my soul
For the day we hold each other close
Once again my lover,friend and one and only


           ( we grow despite of it all)

On the 22nd of june 1990 I woke up checked my bags and headed for the station. Today was the first day of the rest of my life.
  I had passed my medical and physical accepted the Queens shilling and was heading too ATR (Army Training Regiment) Pirbright. Recruite Fothering ham Guards division,to turn this boy into a well teained fit member of Her Majesties Armed Forces.
  A 4+ hr Train Journey from Edinburgh Too London,through london and onto Surrey.

And then the Pleasure and Torture begins. Stripping of all Civillian traites and building of indavidual and team values that will save your life.
            14 weeks of being pushed,insulted,trained,run into the ground and constantly learning and marching.
  This was awesome I loved it eaven the bullying type behaviour used to break the Civillian attitude . Being able to turn negative into positive and my turmoil as a child this was easy. Onward and Upward step after step,trial after trial and picking up friends,awards and aclaim on the way.
  Having 70+ mates to fight your corner needed or not The Fozzy family exploded in number dailly.

  It wasnt all rosey I had times where it all got on top of me and I felt like giving up.
  But thanks tp my tormentors from my childhood this wasnt going to happen(EVER).
  Not even Meningitis on the 14 wk could derail my aytempt . It mearly changed the route and delayed the arrival.
  I was called all sorts of names (none new) pushed harder than ever,doubted by many,told by peers to give up pushed to snapping point by training officers dailly.
  But I never faultered or doubted myself even after the Meningitis (again boubt 4 in my life) I drove on.
A 10+ year career in the armed forces earning my Para wings,Feild medicine and Royal Marine Green Beret.



You have to strive every day to improve through life. Untill all avenues are followed  “No” is not an option.
  In life doubters and haters exist (fact) learning how to cope and utilise are (imperative)
Follow your dreams select your own path and only take possitives with you leave negativity behind..

I know these things are hard and people are different but I would say that hearts and blood are the same. And in someway Drive has to be used and found by all in some way.


Battling with anything is stressfull on a min-min,hour-hour and day to day basis.
  It can be anything trivial, minor, personal, public, or social for example.
  The thought processes and way we deal with these issues is of ultimate importance.

Family and Friends are all important and formulate a close and handy support network. “Yes we dont beleive they know or understand how we feel”
  But they do !!! , they live with the problem aswell as your action/reaction to any situation. They feel your pain, stress and disolution with whatever the problem is. And often feel helpless and are the but and striking point for your frustrations. At the end of it all we are all human and are not experts or infalable in any situation.
   I have many times struck out in some way at those closest too me as imidiate affect of some situation or other. “This however doesnt really help anyone and makes everything more complicated”
  Your feelings of being miss understood and victomised are then forced on others making them the victom and demorolised. Why ? because you blame then for your situation or not understanding. When actually its Us that are at fault for our inadiquate acceptance of our own situation and refusal to take proper advice and use it.

In any situation like this we feel alone, misunderstood, fear and dispare. By alienating those around us we amplify this making us more Alien and alone in a crowd.
   Finding the cause for our dispare and properly dealing with it in a proper and sencible manner. Talking to Friends and Family or Specialist to find better ways of managing and dealing with the situation. Builds a better environment and self help first aid kit for these times.

I do realise that this is not easy at all and I am no expert although I have regular dealings with this type of situation. So speak from experience and knowledge of similar advice and support chains. Please think before you explode , talk and discuss with those around you , seak proffessional help and follow the action plans put in place for you. Honest it helps greatly as does doing as much exercise as possible and eating smart. As it has been proven that proper diet and regular exercise has a major impact on Physical, Mental, Social and Medical issues that people suffer throughout life making things easier.
  It is all hard at the begining as the body and its systems are not used to the actions and exertions. Making things feel worse but this will only last for a few months at most as the body, mind ect get used to the changes then life gets easier and better. You have provided yourself with a brilliant de stressing tool and it doesnt have to cost the earth.

This is my opinion and my thought on how I have dealt with things I know situations are different. But through research and advice I know that it does have a great impact on any situation.

Please Seek Help And Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices. And Talk too Someone when Feeling Low and in Dispare.