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From up beat Bouncing tunes
The endophinated high
Given freely by rythm
Smiles on faces dances danced
And jovialities embracement
Parties and exercises crushed
Enjoyed to maximum euphoric pleasure
Solum ballads emoting reactions
Of times past,present and future
Enlightend too attachments
From sadness to joy
Embraced in solices space
Dark deep dipressive tunes
Played in times of remorce filled state
Sad memories feelings of darkend emotives
Sparking resembelances to minds state
Placing reason and selective choice
On moments in time
Sanctifying our own needs
Reliances and troubled memories
We all have these and select
Warped by societies perceptions
Mesnings delivered by acceptance
Think of twisting states
See what happens too mood
Tune in and actually listen to reason
The music is in control