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Dazzle the lyricist 

Pugulist of linguistic provocation

Sheets strewn across the floor

Pages bleeding written utterances

Diction detectives clueless agility

Dictionaries burn with scripted speed

Ink like molten lava etched every letter deep

Correspondences spew freely with ease

Contemplation of moods bewildered and blended

Simili and proes subliminally appear

Cascading from mind to page seamless

Attention to details oblivious 

Time flies past without care

The writer immersed in the flow

Letters stories and poetry make

The weapon and cure for all eventualities


What is written

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Random
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What is written
Words and letters
How do they affect you
Do they have power
Can they invoke imagination
Quash rebellion and fabricate truth

In the hands of any scribe
These Scribbles and Prose
Are deadlier than poisons
More Comforting and reliable than human touch
Drifting and transporting us to far of places
Informing and teaching us of knowledge unknown

Do we just read the words on a page
Or feel and immerse our souls
Into the care of the author
To lead us hand in hand
Through the emotive journey
Placing us in harm and safety at will
Pulling on heart strings filled with wonder

What is written
let us ponder
The Word ,truth and feeling
Who is this magician
Of word and wonder