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From the valley
Enriched and alive
We stronger than ever arise
Greater than before
Ritchie because of darkness
Elevated to higher ground
Always looking and listening
Tantalising society
Manafesting or future
Envocing emotional ploys
Never decending back too darkness


The soul within
Pears out
Emotiveless and opaic
Windows of flesh
Screams unheard
Toils Un noticed
What or who
Am I normal
Or the freak
They taunt daily
As endeavours
I undertake too graduate
Amongst societies banner


Futures rights of Passage
Conglomerates of indavidualism
Battling the unseen foes
Embarked on egos regulatory skirmish
Taking down tormentors
Bannishing indiscretions
Protecting the trueness of the one
Vanity and consept complete
Sanctity from evils
Weilder of virtues sword
Terrors agressors pacified
Pureness returned too the tortured soul
No biblical meaning of note
The Templers name is shrouded fare
Procastinations no longer mire
Acceptances reliances live long
Minds are cleared
Simplicity and compasion rule evermore
Complete and wholey as one true entity
Safe in the knowledge off awareness’s guide


Hey Ugly is the cry
Four eyed Freak they laugh
Hey You Guys” the film referance
Here’s the punch ,the kick aggression shows
Pushed from piller to post and carpet rolled
Differance is the fear if the normal
Propelled by ignorance and blindness
Here I find that place safe
Solitary seat of calm
Deep in my head controled
Body numb as strike after strike falls
Red mist gathers thick
Muscles twitch and fists clentch
But safe here alone mental calm
Controlless of actions
Targets aquired as silent assasin glares
Dark opake windows emotiveless
Control given in my place
Release the assasin or stay at peace

The tormented beast once calm
   Has the instinct of hunter, protector
Negates control whe necessity calls
Clears ground and targets abound
From sanities safety numb but clear
  Striking out through fear and anger
Trembling and swetting pure terrors wine



Two souls together
Filled with love
Sanctity of togetherness
Defined by individualisms
Combined and wholehearted
Not constrained
By societies narrow process
Enveloped in humanities rights
Given equality’s smile
Bereft of negativity’s agnst
Love flows free and togetherness reigns
The two of us forever as one

Who ever

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Random
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The sound of your vocalisation
Heat of your breath
Tenderness of your velvet touch
Blowing butterflies and pixie dust
Throught this dull and lifeless soul
Enriching the body
Envigourating the receptors in my heart

Explosions of technicoloured brilliance
Emitting from the inner depths
Cascading rainbows of emotive
Colourations everywhere I look
Lifting the chastity of soul
To hights unatainable
Even by drug induced rapture
Better than all the synthasised chemical indorphines

Floating the soul
With wings of doves
Aerobatically tripping across
Humanities sespits and darkend veils
Defying dwellers to resist
Temptations of joyious carnavals
And entwining two souls as one
Above and beyond
The reaches of evils sanctimony

The ambitions and fortatude
Of loves true path
Intermingling with daily life
Luanching and steering
Everyone to thier ritchious and true place
Beside that one person
There true soul mate and lover of life
Who ever that may be