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Standing in rows
Sways of dullness
Interpreted as conformitivity
Shuffeling our way
Through dailly trudgery
Numbers not names
Tick boxes of similarity
Scared to enblazen colour
Fearfull of our indavidualism
Sanctamonious oppressive simulation
Natures devoid of self
Robotic motions clock work ability
Regemented by generatory conformism
Life slopes by unaware of freedoms gift

Crosses we bare

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Random
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         Conseptuality provocations
      Intreuged by phlosophies taught
   Mired by misconseptual ingnorances
Passed from ages that fear the  unknown
Social impropriety and disfunctionality   Consuming selfworth and faithfulness
    Selected for differances built in
Non chosen imperfections of normality
     Force fed by tyranical presses
Expert led idealisms of margonalisms
    The selective nature of others
Choosing the direction of progression
   You are what you are taught too be
  Indavidualism is intrepid musfortune
     Be mechinised in moulded mirth
  For acceptance sake and ease of part
        Who dares to buck trends