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Emerald green life filled form
On our limbs we hang around
Parrasol like in canopy’s massed
Pointing down to the grass
Filtration units nature born
In woods and forrests we act as one
A shaded spot,cool for you to rest
A climbing frame or place too nest
We support your lives day to day
We are the structures you build and play
We enliven the world in form and colour
From springs fresh life to autumnal flourish
We leaves and trees grace your space
This planet of ours saving grace
So while your out strolling around
Spare a thought for the lives all around
Treat us well keep us true
Without a thought we care for you.
Never Leaf us from your mind.


Motion abundant wriggles
Thoughts whir Sences tingle
Stretch of limbs intake of air
Contorted torso foot in air
Feeling around for solid ground
Planted fast sure and true
Raising torso into view
The shutters lift as eye widely open
Soaking in light and glories morning
Humanities cap is tipped at daylight
As we arise too start the day
Onward with motion
Inherited and learned
Cleaned and sparkled to face the day
Fueled at breakfast charged too go
Throw the coats on and off we flow
Untill the dark of day does set
So long my friend with feathery heart
Stay safe and still in your glorious slumber
Untill en wrapped once more till morning glow.

Set me free
Too spread my wings
Soaring high within the clouds
Acheiving the highest
Ability will allow
Living dreams and being me
Free from your tiraids and abuse
Lifted higher than you would allow
Unbound and complete
Without shame or fear
Being me and running with the crowd
The guiding light I should be
Dealing only with fate
And making my own path

Waters rise
As the heavens decend
Stormy gusts blowing trees down
Rivers spate bursting banks
Flooding roads,streets and parks
Blue lights flash responders attend
Lives on the line until calm assends
Mother nature reminds us all
How small and meak humanity is
Stay in doors safe and warm
Be sencible not to venture far
Green,amber and red alerts
Threat too life for all too heed
This is a storm to remind us all


Emptied mind
Floating free
Sailing on fluffy clouds
Dancing and cavorting
No agenda’s
Lacking purpose
Void of feeling
Sun beats on our skin
Wind teasles our hair
No noise or bustle disturbs
Our peace and solitude
Escape and evading


Welcome to the Dark solitude
Brightened by heavinly sparkle
Led esk twinkle and twitch
Drawing pictures on the sky
The happy illumination of the moon
Overlooking and protecting us all
Taking stag duty over the world
Proud and boldly pushing against the night
Filling hearts with joy and minds with dreams
Invoking imaginatory journey’s
Slumber becons and calls our name
Warm enwrapped hugs of downie pleasure
Soft feathery crowns clasp gently and guide safe
Into dream state and recovery passion
Freshening the sole for future events
Reclaiming peace from the hectic past day
Awakening as true self poised and invigoured


Futures rights of Passage
Conglomerates of indavidualism
Battling the unseen foes
Embarked on egos regulatory skirmish
Taking down tormentors
Bannishing indiscretions
Protecting the trueness of the one
Vanity and consept complete
Sanctity from evils
Weilder of virtues sword
Terrors agressors pacified
Pureness returned too the tortured soul
No biblical meaning of note
The Templers name is shrouded fare
Procastinations no longer mire
Acceptances reliances live long
Minds are cleared
Simplicity and compasion rule evermore
Complete and wholey as one true entity
Safe in the knowledge off awareness’s guide


Hey Ugly is the cry
Four eyed Freak they laugh
Hey You Guys” the film referance
Here’s the punch ,the kick aggression shows
Pushed from piller to post and carpet rolled
Differance is the fear if the normal
Propelled by ignorance and blindness
Here I find that place safe
Solitary seat of calm
Deep in my head controled
Body numb as strike after strike falls
Red mist gathers thick
Muscles twitch and fists clentch
But safe here alone mental calm
Controlless of actions
Targets aquired as silent assasin glares
Dark opake windows emotiveless
Control given in my place
Release the assasin or stay at peace

The tormented beast once calm
   Has the instinct of hunter, protector
Negates control whe necessity calls
Clears ground and targets abound
From sanities safety numb but clear
  Striking out through fear and anger
Trembling and swetting pure terrors wine


The Watcher

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Random
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Eyes pearcing and aware
Soak up countless images
Interpret and analyse
Store informations countless formats
Motionless and silent
No pre requisite actions noticed
Indifferance too unreferenced
Targets hot locked
Jamming of acquisition futile
Emotiveless features
Sullen and barren

Interceptual task
Explosive and direct
Actions swift and meaningful
Targets dismissed and dealt with
Disturbance to suroundings minimal
Civilization unaware of commotion
Agressors of all natures
Nulified without exterior awareness
Return to emotive stillness
Complete and swift
Even the victim of attack oblivious

Secure and unknowing
Dailly tasks completed
Life un ruffled by events
Smooth transition of day too day
Area secure and sterilised
Normality reigns supreme
Without compulsion
No praise or thanks transferred
Oblivious too watchers state or task
Nameless and invisable

Thanks to the protectors the watchers of soul.

Mind Dam

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Random
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Conseptional idealisms
Gathered tight together
Flow and eb steadily
Joyful and emotional mixes
Sorrow filled angst strewn
Waves of forlorness
Awash the cranial cavity
Aspirations jostle for position
Striving amd gasping for air
Stimulating nueral pathways
Reflex walls sustain a battering
Quelling the stormy influx
Holding back mentalities tides
Refraining the intertwind mix
Allowing clarity of visualisations
Freedom to adventure and acheive
Life in its fullness sprawled outwards
Cognitivity  grasps at virtue