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Posted: August 5, 2016 in Random
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Pewring through the murk

Shady figures and outlines

Befall my receptors

Clouding judgement and thought

Simplistic tasks become arduous 

Mind seem like hours 

Hours likened to days

Nerves shot senses scrambled

As the shifting plates 

Of skeletal bone

Slide and shift

I feel and see the haze 

Continual and ensnared

Oh where is the light

Born too live
Live to acheive
Acheive to inspire
Inspire and teach
Teach to enhance growth
Sprinkle with kindness
Shower with affection
Fill the soul with joy
Implant seeds too form memories
Grow the knowledge
Watch them improve
Nurture and tend the garden of life
Comfort when in need
Love without condition
Drive and stoke thier fires
Sit back and marvel
Thier acomplishments  glow
They grow and become
Through life the cycle continues
And we can bask in its awe
Our gift from our past
To our present and future
For now and eternity


Posted: October 3, 2015 in Random
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Droplet of fragility
Falls from my eye
Filled with emotives
Deep from inside
No sign of weakness
Strength to the most
Mark of respect
Joyful repose
My heart does release
Freely in time
The tears I may cry


The light has dimmed
Darkness rolls in
Sombersome state steps in
Clouds fill the void
Heart sinks low
complexions sullen arrive
Ensnared within walls
mentally and physically
Screaming for freedoms smile
The light to return
And free souls and beings alike
When the storm brews
It’s complete and utter mire
Shunning all joy and freedom
That went before it
Please return my happy days
Of light and joy and heated rays
Oh where have you gone


Living through the haze
Consepts of life’s path sillohett
Joy and pain merged
Uncontrolled emotions erupt
Loved ones clamber round
Consoling or bewildered
Emotive atomic collisions manafest
Heart and soul rush round
Exploding cascades of deepest felt
Life and death tightly drawn
Intermingled are the light and darkness
The fagility of life glaringly apparent
The joy of survivals being overpowers
Which is at peace
Who knows for sure or understands
Life’s cataclysmic delicate frailties


The mist has decended
Eyes burning within
Muscles contorted and tight
Rail road engines crashing in my skull
Words falling on barron ground
Indaviduals wanton abandon
Consume and deafen loved ones
Assistancess and partnerships vannished
Alone in this void
Smuthered in the darkness
Constantly battling too survive
Fighting for freedom
The grasp of pain fueled dipressiveness
Ever stronger , ever deeper
what too do Now
Sleep the slumber of intention
Fates choice to awaken or not
Wings furled preperations made
Good night and hopeful fairwell
To this angst and dark state
Seaking brighter lighter days
With Peace


Genetic and Social
Mutations of standards
From liniage strong
Parental skills passed by generations
Manners and inner strength born
Teachings and lessons passed
Growth of self
In hands of natures prose
Nurture not inseminal feeding
Rules of engagement blurred
Best foot forward
Your life for theirs always
Battles un noticed by Kin
Thankless tasks handled
Tantrums quashed
Toddler and teenage years breezed
Decades of understanding freely wash
Still we give our all regardless
Backed to the hilt often
Comfort and praise spawned true
Chastisement doled out on neccesity
Parentage rights and customs followed


Locked away devoid of feeling
Emotiveness floods the soul
Fear stricken spectres of doubt
Battling with presevatory abilities
Joy of self jousting with hatefulness
Abilities subdued by ignorance
Dragged deeper into dispare
By pittiful embevalance
Miss understood and conpounded
Striving to shine soulful light
Through misty darkness
Self presevatory struggle
Pushing to rise above and eluminate
Hatred bannished to inner core
Tormentors blocked and silenced
By intrepid speeches and lyrical prose
The deep battle of egoless self
Dailly and iconceptual
Lifting of spirit above sinfulness
Contempt and angers fade
Self worth and joy of being
Struggle to rise,through battles won and lost

     I am never Lose I WIN or I Learn

Here  is a wonderful Duet with Patty-

I was honoured,excited and scared all at the same time but i love Paty’s style

and i just new that our styles would connect and merge well.

We hope you all like what we have done as much as we enjoyed putting it together

Love and hugs

Brian and Just Patty

us (708x1280)

Petite Magique-



Stumbling along feeling my way
The blackness of despare envellopes
Stifeling and choking my self esteam
Filling my heart with the cement of sorrow
Unworthy,ugly and unloved I am drawn deeper into the shadow
Abused and bullied at every station
No light for me,no dawn of a new day

How can I stay,no fight left
Opake and translusant skin Clamy too touch
Constantly shivering ,hiding away
Daren’t look anyone in the eye
As distane and hatred spews from there gaze
Pitty the emotive pressance sent my way

The weather report says 18 degrees
Why is it dark and freezing to me
Desheveld and gaunt in shabby cloths
No helpful assistance friends to behold
Silent screams,dry rivers of tears
Confiding in Jack,burbon and beers
Surrounded by people but all alone

Contimplation of death brings a smile to my face
Disapearing for ever from the rat race
No mourners of sorrow or family dear
No one would miss me or nitice I fear
The tormentors and abuser would smile with delight
At the demise of this sad an sorryful sight

I embrace you oh darkness
My friend for these years
I have forgiven my doubter,haters and theivs
Adorning new clothes bright like sun light.
I rise up out these ashes and taken too flight
Regeneration and acceptence of self
Is sustaining the power itself
Onwards and upward is my battle cry
Farewell Jack,burbon and beer