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Cold envelopes me
The dark Shrouds my form
Emotions disapear
Eyes transperant and vague
Skin clamy and cool to touch
Without relief panic takes control
Curled in my fetal position
Comforts dispelled
Friends and family evade my space
Loneliness grasps my shoulders
As if to mock me
Deeper and deeper it pulls my soul
Longer and Longer it persist
Finally it has me
Where ever here is

Sirens Escape

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Random
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The sirens scream in despare
Forlorn they weep
Whaling low and longingly
There life blood drains slow
Hearts torn assunder from their breasts
As angelic gardains carry  high
Thier muse and love lustness
Torn from them by the remaining goodness within
Salvation is not to be thiers
Concubines of evils fragitity
They are set to roam alone
For eternity in search of lusts longing
Pale at frailties edge
Balancing precariously
Between love and deaths angst
These wretches of evils doing
Are left to wallow eternally


The twisted contortions
Manafested deep inside our brain
Dragging thoughts deeper
Scattering our grasp of normality
Dark mirkyness desends freely
Coating our aspirations
Stiffeling and suffocating life
Draconian articulations spew
Dreams of death and endlessness
Prevailing against truths subriatry
Falling constatly downwards
Chronological psychosis
Grasps hold of virtues
Complection sullen and drawn
Invades healthy radiance
Eyes glazed over with Opake shutters
Light fades fast
Emersion nears victory
Entirity of self invisable
Shadow disapears non reflective
Transformations unwanted completion
Down trodden and lifeless corps
Shuffles from day to day
The grim reaper on speed dial
Awaits comformatory calling
Dragging self forward in defiance
Delaying the enevitabilities tale
Seeking truth and ending
Hopes miniscule light peeks lowly
Intirmitant intentions fall deaf


Posted: June 5, 2014 in Random
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Wandering this un mapped
Luneristic shaby landscape
Devoid of colour, cold and forboding
Searching for safety and comfort
Lonely devoid of feeling
Wanting to scream and shout
Projecting only silence
Expressionless and faded
Wearily tramping through sludgery
Encamped in a myer of loathing
Trying to encapsulate radiance
From emotive memory snapshots
Ground control where are you
No beacon of light emitting faith
Strange shadow dancers follow
Seemingly mocking and laughing
Why,what for, who are they
Confusion of form
No idealistic conformity
Mezmarising and Kalidascopic halusinations
Is this true form or imaginatory images

                       Are We lost