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Striking lighting like

Intensifying every twinge 

Sending the sensors into overdrive

Clouding the judgement always
Bolt upright I sit

Corpse like and still

Eyes red and bleary

Darkness consumes my form
Ground hog day starts once more

As my mask fitted

Smiling ,happy and fresh

I tackle the tasks before me
Dulled by medicated chemical’s

Cruising along with programmed tasks

Personality void,robotic motion

Plowing through the day
Homeward to solitude

Mask drops partialy once more

Top up of chemicals

Replenishment of energy

Returning to my easy bed

And the chatter of the pixelated noise box

Hazey  glazed optics

Electrified tingling nerves

Mental mist Clouding judgement

Depressive pain pushing down

Step by step muscles scream

Sinues shredded beyond repair

Medical endused palitive being 

Shopping done kids at play

Weapons drawn on a sunny day

Onwards and upwards the battle cry

Smile on my face song in my heart

This pain is defeated till morning light

Determined and willful onward strides

Warrior not victim the lion inside

Break down the walls flood the area with light

Don’t be disparaged get up and fight

Like the mighty Oak
With presision is felled
Stroke after stroke
The lumber jack wields
Crashing too the floor
With a creek and a moan
Loud crash and wail
As debris is strewn
Shards are tossed asunder
Other limbs and structures
Are spattered

Hoisted high
By hoist and crane
Manual labour’s  swet and strain
Hacking and sawing
Tendrils and branches hacked
Dragged away by chains off steel
Congragated on trailers long
Driven too mills to be whittled down
Turned into planks and chairs
For civilisation to use and defile more

Seeds were scattered
During the fall
Dna of strength and age
Sown in the wind
Scars of defilement abound
Seen from space aswell as ground
New life sprouts slow but true
In Virginia soil unspoilt
Out of view
Humanity tares it down
Without sadness or a frown
Thier needs are many
Unbound and sireal
How must mother nature feel

Time and nature
Nurture all
New stocks and growth
Will strongly yield
Father time and Mother earth
Will heal the scars
Machines do wield
Humanity and it’s disfigurations
Will be paid for by all countries and nations
By wind,rain and continental shifts
Volcanic flows and temperature rifts
These gifts are aplenty
A warning too all
Reminding humanity one and all

Who goes their
Is the loud cry
Friend or foe
The question at hand
Click of the switch
Safety is off
One in the chamber
Fingers do twitch
Firmly in sights
Light them up fast
Destinguishing marks
Do we recognise
Shrilled once more
Silence the reply
Metal let’s flow
Tac a Tac Tac atac
Verberate’s all around
Aproaching bodies fall to the floor
Repelling our borders
Keeping us safe
No political envy or parliament praise
Guards on the borders and around our shores
Protecting the rights of all who live here
From enemies forgien or domestics of fear


Two souls together
Filled with love
Sanctity of togetherness
Defined by individualisms
Combined and wholehearted
Not constrained
By societies narrow process
Enveloped in humanities rights
Given equality’s smile
Bereft of negativity’s agnst
Love flows free and togetherness reigns
The two of us forever as one

Those That Rule

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Random
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In strongholds of stone
Demonstrations of intolerability
Cascades of rightious indignaties
Glances of superiorities shamefulness
Un educated remorseless filth

Proudly ensconced on thrones
Embelished in richness
Sparkling with plundered treasures
From Taxations and levies
Placed upon a demonstrative
Civilisations fearful of reprisals

Populious of puppets
Unable to question the indignities
Placed upon there meager and down trodden souls
Lacking in food and recources
While these silverspooned canables
Lavish platinum and gold
splattered menues and gems
Smelted and stolen from recource plunders and theft
Legalised by there own words and wishes discised as law and traditions

Why do we worship and elect
These heretics to place demands
In our supposed favour
To only benifit there own silk lined and gem incrusted purses
To then have no rightual control
Over there actions and war mongering
All done to increase stations and ritches for themselves