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Head held high
Eyes looking forward
Striding through life
Clearing all hurdles
Breaking down walls
Battling foes
Bannishing darkness where ever it grows
The guiding light and warrior brave
The meek and mild servant
Who journey along
This is not bravery
Only the fight
That burns deep inside me
Producing the power of right
Through Turmoils and pains
Growing ever stronger
Live in the shadows no way any longer
These choices are hard
But critical to all for we are survivors
That battle away
For fairer and brighter days for all


Alas he is no longer
No care too linger
Defiled no more
Free from oppressive shackles
Risen higher by rite
Way above your putrid uterance
Far from the obsessive pudulistic acts
Soaring with confidence
Illuminating all around with brilliance
Stronger of mind and conviction
Reborn from depressiveness
Realism and compasions flame
Kindled and managed with ease
Self confidence and civility
Now reign supreme
Immunised to torment and bully like viral intent
Flying high on chosen path
Released and free forever more

Hear my Prayer

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Random
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To the Lord above
Keep my family safe
Give them strength
A heart thats true
And civility in your mould

I follow
From your book
Of knowledge and life
Feeding the poor
And dealing with strife

To love my fellow man
With kindness and love
Living hand in hand
No conseptual mis givings

I may faulter
From time to time
As I am only human
With frailties fine
Heart of strength and honour true
A soul filled spirit
Go hand in glove
Be my guider and spirit fare
I will walk in your steps pre made