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I never wondered where I would be,walking the routes laid for me.
Soaking up the information torrented and imported too my mental store.
Scribbling and noting the starred icons of gold
Tested by self and civilities quests learning too walk and examinations at school
I grow day by day despite of it all taller, wiser and stronger than most.

With contorted features and boggly eye
I stride towards the future with sparkle in my eye
Taking on challenges in every stride
Man made or natural they fall by the side
From strength too strength I charge at light speed
Not dragging my feet with depressive need

With surgeon’s knife and medical aide
My contorted expressions change on my face
Battered and bruised inside and out
I clatter on regardless free of doubt
Knocking me down with your verbilisations or physical charge
Enpowers my nature leading the charge

Through the halls of education and employment i advance
Striking at chances with two strong hands
From home town too deserts I have traveled with joy
Been stacking shelves and throwing bombs
I have love for this planet and the people within
Because of my personality and power within

Too all who have wavered and set road blocks for me
Thanks for the challanges and tasks set by thee
They strengthen my resolve Enpowers my will
They keep me above you with my comfort and skill
I come out at the end complete and bitter free
What have your choices left deep for thee

In reflections repost I praise and idolise
The poor fearful society that tried to repress me
They failed in thier tasks enbittered thier hearts
And most of all lost thier god given right
Bullies and tormentors never do win
If with belief in your self and strong mind,will and heart.

To all in the world down trodden and scared
Stand strong for your future and belief there in
Follow your path cut new routes of your own
Listen and learn avoiding the falls
Thiers only one thing that matters in your own worldly place
Doing your best with love,passion and grace


The world preys on the week is in printed on your soul.From birth we strive to achieve, the outcomes of our social expectancy. I am “Broydra” born to the family Fraynal first son of Crantlo and Mayas. Village protectors and chiefs of several generations.
The village consists of straw and mud huts surrounding out temple and stone clad abode (where my family reside). Set behind the statue of Garvinal the great (Dragon) and all his glory.
Once a protector and friend of early rulers and dwellers of this area. He kept an eye on all and saw off all evils and raiders alike. I have been told of many stories of greatness and endeavour in Days passed by my kin and their watchers.
And one day our protector will show himself to a lucky member and we shall live in harmony and unity. Free from all ills in a life filled with joy.

What will our protector look like ?, will it be small or huge ? Fierce or friendly or will it fly or walk who knows ?. These are all things pre determined by fate if the teachings and stories are correct. I can only wonder and wait , while I pray it’s sooner rather than later. These thoughts constantly fill my head as I wonder the surrounding area and learn the laws of the land.
My knowledge maker Harmeron is a very wise and wonderful man. Strong as several oxen and tall as any tree, with a strange scared mark on his scalp. This is never mentioned or spoken by others and leaves my imagination too run wild.
Very fertile and amazing by all accounts from the other youngsters who sit and listen to my fairy tales and stories. Around the village fire at night fall we spin yarns and sing while others dance. These times are the best as all in the village gather and catch up on the days events. The elders and hunters spin their yarns and contemplate the outcomes to be .


There are many obsticles put in the way of a healthier “You”. The hectic pace of life,family,work,illness,disability and many more. Health is ranked as one of the top priorities in many polls and debates on what people want and priorities of the majority.
  Who stops us from doing anything ? , I believe it’s down to self motivation and drive. This can be destroyed or diminished if we listen to others in society and take heed of press and the norm within social networks.
    Why do we allow this to happen to ourselves ? , too me it’s like self harm in that the bullying nature of demoralisation and pigeon holing sections of society and condemning  thier abilities. Then the press’s unrealistic image based formation of normalities preasures being told that these levels of society are this and that.
    ” WHAT are You going to do too change your lives ?” .
  With the correct information and a small amount of research great changes can be made. These are not global or government changing. But if enough of us were too start the revolution of change would gather momentum.
First steps: This is the hardest but most important, it won’t happen over night or over a few months. And yes you will fall of the path but take note and get back on track. It is not a race or compitition with others.
   Changing your mind set and misconceptions around food,meal times,portion size , what nutrients we need, healthy against unhealthy and what we see and how others perceive us. As I said above this is the hardest and it is a case of many small steps slowly building momentum and confidance with every small victory.
   While not making a big deal of any mistake or error in our path. Rewarding yourself for keeping on track and keeping track of the factors leading up to any blip so those cases can be flipped round or avoided.
  Surround yourself with like minded individuals, motivators,I can do’s,supportive networks. Ridding as best we can the sooth sayers,bullies,demotivational people,press,misinformed,lazy and haters.
  This giving Us the best mental building blocks to improve and continue the journey.

Second step: Small informed changes in diet and associations towards food and eating. Cutting down on the incorrect processes,food types,nutritional information,timings and social acceptability .
  By changing portion size, utilising informed choices, fueling the body correctly,correct fluid intake,time, and conception.
  Things like low salt, low sugar , low fat , utilising leaner meats,fish,chicken, pulses,seeds and fruit and veg. Changing preferances in pasta,breads and rice, wholemeal,wholegrain,egg proteins and freshly cooked instead of processed. These are just a few examples of the type of changes.

Third step: Increase in physical exercise, walk further than normal at normal pace. Once that becomes easier increase distance or pace and progress the same every time. For those that are able introduce short periods of jogging into this and increase as you did with the walking. In no time at all you will be able to rum the distance and longer.
  Swimming uses every muscle group in the body so burns more calories and tones more muscles. It is easier on us physically as no matter disability or weight the water supports our weight and allows for greater range of motion.
  Things like knee raises using the resistance of the water,wall hold leg kicks,dead leg arm pull lengths ect will improve general mobility ,flexibility, pain relief and recovery.
Cycling is another great low impact exercise that burns plenty of calories, to develop or progress add hills, increase speed or duration.

No matter your age,ability or ailment there is always something you can do.
What will all this do for me I hear asked!!
Here are a few for you, improved heart rate,respetory imput,lower stroke risk,better calorie conversion,lower Bmi,improved dietary process,less infections,happier,motivated,higher self esteem, lower stress and greater self awareness. Which will help and improve employment,personal,social and relationships of any kind but most of all a far better self and informed society.

“Embrace change and follow your heart do  not accept the perceptions of normality make your own mark on the world”

Transmissions of Light

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Random
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Freedom of light
The gift to inspire
Illuminating and warm
Attainable by virtue
Grasp with both hands
Shrouded by darkness
Seek for your chance
Consoling and freeing
Simplistic but strong
Run to the brightness
Your days to be re born
Smile and exonerate
Welcome and be
Your world if lightness
Fore filling and free


Alas he is no longer
No care too linger
Defiled no more
Free from oppressive shackles
Risen higher by rite
Way above your putrid uterance
Far from the obsessive pudulistic acts
Soaring with confidence
Illuminating all around with brilliance
Stronger of mind and conviction
Reborn from depressiveness
Realism and compasions flame
Kindled and managed with ease
Self confidence and civility
Now reign supreme
Immunised to torment and bully like viral intent
Flying high on chosen path
Released and free forever more

Better Day

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Random
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Horizon spread before
Glints of joy dancing
Evocative imaginations play
Intrusive sugestion gamble
Dreams of clarity stream free
Inabitions thrown assunder
Freedom calls loud and clear
Today is the better day
  Indavidualism reigns
Released and unchained
Potential is our mantra
Life of our choosing


wings spread wide
Wind in your hair
Ant like people
Way down there
Jostling and pushing
silent shouting

None notice
The freedom you have
Careless pasture
Up in the sky
Electric blue
Sun on your face
Free from the frantic pace

Swooping and soaring
In freedoms bliss
No intentions
Minotonis regeme
Fresh and clear
Brain in nuetral
Etching dreams
Beside the clouds

Break the chain
Let freedom chance
Pick up your life
With both hands
Wash it clean
and air it dry
As on the breeze
you effortlessly fly

Back to reality
Earth to touch
Angelic peace
No need for rush
Return back too
The human race
Attacking life in your new space


The wind blows gently
Rustling the leaves
Trees swaying lightly
Too and frow
The autum gold
Flits and sails downward
finally nestling
On the amber gold bed below

That crisp crunch and rustle
As every step lands softly
On the carpet beneath
Flicking toes send cascades
Of rightious colour
High into the air
And it dances on the breeze
Before resting again

The autumnal perfume
Fills your nostrals
And inflates your lungs
With pure and wonderious
Natural endophines
Quickening the heart
And relaxing the soul
Fading turmoils fall behind
As clarity takes control of your thought

Peace of bird song
Takes you deep and fully
Away from yourself
purification and relaxation
Soul,body and mind
Once more in tune
No more hustle and bustle
Etched on the Cerebral cortex
Burnt into your soul

At one with Nature
The true and free
Floating and washing
Over every inch
External and internal
The freedom at last to be
Who you were meant to be
Carry this with you on your journey
And return often to replenish
And ground the substance
  Off your soul

  ( A follow up too Proud to be who I am)

        ( The Scots Guards on Parade)

I know how hard it is to be bullied and be made fun of all to well. Personally it made school hard as hell,from Primary (junior) school to University. Having everyone including your peer group on your back day in day out. Kids on your street,block or estate harang your every movement.
  Did I hide in a corner or skulk in shadows !! . No I did not, I done the hardest thing I could have choosen too do. I stood upto the bullies and sooth sayers. Not by violance at first but by using my wit,inteligance and speed of thought. Turning round or manipulating there own words or position, A verbal Karate,Ikido or judo if you like.
  This is by no means easy although once you start you dont realise at the time how hard it is. As I am only seeing know how strong I must have been to attempt this.
  It is not cheek,stupid remarks or idiotic behaviour that you use, it is how ever jokes(about youself) aswell as them,word games,inteligance about the situation and grit and determination.
   Disarming or even nutralising there point of view making others laugh and without realising changing perspectives of you ( who you are, why you are,how you feel and what you will not stand for). There are no classes in this unfortunatly or everyone would be doing it.
  And not all the tormentors or torment will stop , but it will put you in a far better mental,social and interpersonal place. That one day you could be writing this or speaking to others on any subject?

Through my operations I missed a lot of school,but with hard work and help I caught up and passed my exams rising me above these people scared of the unknown(me). I first joined the Army as a Junior Leader (the picture top of page) thats where that chaprter began.
  All these people saying because of my face and that I was a freak and hey you guys (from the Goonies). To name but a few where are they what have they done !!!!.
  A lot I know personally know have made there peice and we have buried hatchets. A lot didnt do well at school,have been in and out of jail(correctional facilities),taken drugs ect. They marvel at my acheivements and wonder why and how !!.
  They have lived with regret,anger and self pitty around there actions. And I forgave them and thanked them for what they had done. With a smile a hug and even a pint or three.

There are those hard lined bigots out there that you can not change or get through too. That is not your fault it is down to them wholely and fully.

Forgive yourself before others and follow your path. Take those friends and believers with you.Leave doubters,haters and spoilers to languish in there own pitty.