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Aon uair ‘s chaidh e seachad air, an laoch treun. ‘Meàrrsadh air nèamh ceann a chumail àrd. Le ceann a ‘smèideadh ghabh e àite. Ri taobh na geataichean Gilted ann an òr. A ‘cur fàilte air na h-uile a tha a’ dol a-steach ann. Tha gach laoch treun air an turas aca fhèin. Passing bho corporra còmhnardaibh. Airson cavort agus a ‘fuireach saor aon uair eile an-asgaidh bho thier sheòrsan. Le trueness gaoil bhon fheadhainn a dh’fhàg. -Rithist an dìonadair thier bhuadhan an aghaidh na h-uile.

The translation

battle like Gilted weapons, battle horses Sadled ready.Chainmail and leatherette decorations, the rippling torso for all to see. Battle Hammer Drapes belt Clamore peel on my back. Mounted firmly ruled in hand, soldiers snorting costs ahead. Trot canter by enemy sight. Visors fell We now costing them, flying sparks steel torch. Enemies fall below our costs, water arrow fast and sure. Pins to our enemies iomairg rattles.

Take it in your stride

Place your foot upon its rays
The shafts of light
The solar gaze
Step by step
Stride by stride
With a song in your heart
And smile on your face
The day has dawned
Fresh and new
Another chapter has begun
Life is for living
Fill it with fun
The stresses and turmoil
Will never drag you down
Just take it in your stride
In the brightness of the sun


Emptied mind
Floating free
Sailing on fluffy clouds
Dancing and cavorting
No agenda’s
Lacking purpose
Void of feeling
Sun beats on our skin
Wind teasles our hair
No noise or bustle disturbs
Our peace and solitude
Escape and evading