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Infringement on our fortitude
Spirals assend
Tumbling and cavorting
Together simulating
Peaceful living
Thunderous bolts
Scream through the core
Atoms and molecular  synthesis
Explosive neutrons kiss
Perpetual motive emotions
Cascade through the eather
Breaths of freshness
Enrich the souls sencetivity
Allowing relations to blossom
With strangers never known
Becoming friends
Growths acheivements
Become reality
And self and ability
Stream amid the madness
Society manifests
Condemning humanity
To its own successful  endemnabilities



I am a warrior my mask is embellished by scars and marks . No finery or jewels for people to admire. But my l8fe scars are jewel enough for me. Happy within my own skin and with my personality and abilities. Free from the negativity of societies flaws. There are many out there that are the same. Unfortunately they do not see themselves as warriors or champions. All because of the societies fear and lack of compassion towards many.
   I have had 59 maxi facial operations,2 bouts of viral meningitis,2 bouts of bacterial meningitis, broken my jaw in 27 places and shattered my knee caps. Lived through years of name calling,physical and mental abuse, been told I don’t deserve or can’t do. From many differing areas strangers,friends and parents. Still to this day I am looked at as lower class and worthless by many. Why do I write this I can see and here people ask ? , because I am strong and individual I do not nor ever have saught Pitty or sympathies from anywhere.
   Fighting is part of me from day too day life too education and civilization. Whether it’s idiotic name calling or physical bullying I take it in my stride. Forty years of experience and tweeking of my mechanisms and attitude. By god its not easy how do you break free of decades off disimilation and ignorance. In bread into the either of societies Dna.


Acceptance of self is the most important thing I have found.Being able to learn about your own condition, disability or difference.And using the + and – to your advantage in equal measure. Always take the time to turn negative to a positive the best you can.Propelling your confidance forward and upwards pushing yourself above the murky and dismal cloud that others try too shroud you in.
   Refusal to conform to the whims of the masses and taking control. Finding people that boost you and support for no gain other than for austerity and progressiveness. Growing thick mailable armour and lightning wit and intelligence also help.
   Once self worth and a clear pathway can be seen by self you will launch and grow despite yourself and others. I am proof and try to show others leading by example. I am no sheep quiet of acceptance I am a leader and guider to show how it can be done and which directions can be taken.
   I have been diagnosed with Ptsd thanks to the traumas of my past life and fybromyralga due to nerve damage and trauma through my body.
Now that sounds bad huh !!!, just wait I have played international sports,served my country for 10+ years,qualified as a nurse,started youth clubs and teams, qualified as a personal trainer. Traveled three quarters of the world and have 4 wonderful kids and moved to a wonderful part of Britain and everyone is loving it.
  This is not a story of woe but I hope that it helps spur people to achieve and progress. The idiots still exist but they are below us we are individual warriors all. We deserve our scars and marks to show we have endured and survived. Our differences spread colour and brightness guiding others and motivating them and ourselves take pride always