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No picture Just Words

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Random
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We often match or comply
Actions, words and reactions
To what ever the situations surround us
Defying our intentional inspiration
Defiling our true ability
Marring our wondrous imagination
Following the expected like sheep
Daunted and shackled never straying
The individualistic tendencies strain
Praying for release into freedoms path
Allowance for expresitory interpritations
Our own beauty, power, strengths and ability
Will undoubtedly flourish
Despite the chains of social propriety
Mirror our selfishness inbuilt and true
Pathways pre determined before birth
Awakend and mapped with growth
Who are they to alter our destiny
With their false pictures, ideals, notions and failed attempts of change
We are who we are meant too be
One and all alive


The Mask

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Random
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Smile eched brightly
Rosey complection gleems
Dimples beam out
Eyes bright and sparkle
No frown line on show

Facade pinned firmly
Deseption at play
Covering well
They depressive angst
Forbidden secrets lie beneath
Truth deceptive and defencive

Ivincibly covert
Soleless and depraved
Wanting and fearful
Needs of the thwarted
Kidnapped self
Ensnared by hatreds
condemmed by others

Provission by cover
Belies trueness
Gives false hopes
Delivers social acceptance
Delays further torments
The solitude and beauty
The mask diverse and assistive

     ( The tools I have used to cope)

Being a target for any sort of bullying or torment isnt easy. No matter if it is physical , mental or phsycological, face to face , verbal or using social media.
  I plumits you into a deep dark abyss that doesnt seem to have a way out. And those around you never seem to know or realise what is going on. Being beleived and helped always feels unatainable and distant.
    Some of us suffer from severe dipression,self confidance issues , social inadiquacy , mental and physical disorders to name but a few. Because of these imbasilic , preditors of low and minor inteligance , without emotional attachment or knowledge/understanding.

    I know that it is never easy to be who you are after bullies have stripped you down. And they keep the preasure up day in day out , minute after minute , hour after hour. How do we push back !! ?, How do we walk with our heads held high !!!? And How do we fulfill what we should be !!!?

  I can only answer this from my own experiences and knowledge. But I hope that somewhere in this there is something that can help or trigger something.
     As some may have read in “Bullies Why Me” I started to roughly talk about what I used.
    Humour :  As I got older and wiser this became my sharpest weapon. Vast array of depth from real dark to very light humour. And it strips bullies of there peircing weapons.
    Poker Faced : This is an armoured mask of emotion that also shoits them down. They expect tears,dipped heads , sad eyes ect.
  My poker face was a laughing , smiling and animated mask which totally took the majority by suprise.
  Mental Strength: Firstly to realise it isnt your fault !!!!! , Then to understand your body, speach and reasons for your differance.( to the best of your ability) this granted normally comes later in life.
  Physical strength : Broad shoulder to take the strain,Strong back to support the weight,Strong legs to push you along.
  Backed up by fast hands and feet to defend yourself against those thats words arent strong enough.
( last resort in most cases )

Always find a good friend or organisation to talk to and vent all the frustrations with or too. A mental,physical and visual hobbie to ease the effects of these situations. And never ever be scared to write or talk about what is happening. This is the box that carries your first aid kit . And keeps everything in perspective,ut us never to early or too late to do any of these.