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Darkness I hate you
You haunt me
Stealing my light
And every shade of my day
Dragging me down
Making me frown
Swirled through my dream state
Sleeping with eyes wide
Trembling with fear
Look like a zombie
Sallow and gray
Depressions indemnabilities
Spaced and distressed
Gone is my ego,confidance and more
Shunned by my family
Pushed into the unknown
Left to flail around
On the baronest of ground
Here is my fight
And dreams of the light
Hope limp and listing
Still hanging around
Praise to the gods
For releaf from my pains
But most of all understanding
By the societies hoards



Beauty beyond compare
Born angelic without dispar
Masked and painted
By social expectations
Twisted and tortured
In perfections name
Shadow of self
Lost in time
For the use of others
Crime after crime
Her beauty telly hidden
Shadow of self
Our model angel
Wasted to death

The Pain

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Random
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Racked with pain and contorted
Chemical imbalance soulless
Chasing demons daily
Chasing prescribed lines
Riding the bus
Control of insomiable pose
Ghost like colour pasty and dull
Clamy complection grimmes set
Trapped in transition
Escape is futile peace has gone
Fighting hard to carry on
For brighter days and mobility fase
Continual insugency faze
Demons race through my head
Carring torments through the day

Mind wont rest

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Random
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Binary rotations
Clocking up memories
Journeys traveled people met
Facts figures and pictures in my head
No slumber entrance
Too be obtained
Information overload

Dealing with pain
Stresses in the air
Are they safe when and where
Do we have,what to do
Jobs ahead for me and you
Inconseptual visions
Where life goes in such a hurry

Looks like morning
Where did it go
Time flies past
True conceptional worry
Zombiefied by all this strain
Smile and laugh to chase the tears
In my zone of masks no fear

I thank the lord for strength today
To keep me straight and clear
No fog or terrors in this place
No signs or line on this face
Today is just another day
Get onto it and make it fair
Strength exouds from my pours
Tears stays behind locked closed doors


Emotions rip through our flesh
Comiting vile acts upon our soul
Tampering with every sinue and fibre
Dark or light reasonings
Transforming our heart
Forcing it to conform
Becoming a fiery yin and yan

Unatainable to human hand
Hotter than the sun
Colder tham liquid nitrogen
Enfusing the composites of being
Producing forged emotive presence
No mindful control upon its station
Pure unswaithing truths and feelings
Omitting from its steely bowels

Is it hatred or lustful embers
Floating from the sanctume of self
How best to tame and preserve
This simulated state of humanitary bliss
The angelic develment of concuquence
Propelling hearts to rule ove cerebral matter
Productive in concious involvements