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Praise femaninity

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Random
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The challace of life
Giver of birth
Strength behind the powerful
Supporter of the children
The nurse and doctor
Teacher and maid
Friend and lover
The peaceful while contented
The destructive force if scorned
The brains and knowledge
Carried in diminutive frame
Praise too the women
That grace this world with thier being
And shape ,guide and plan
Every day is thier day treat them with love
For they eternally nurture we each only get one.

On fields now cold
These heroes bold
Laid down thier soles
So that we could be free
From tyronies grasp
And horrific days

Without thought they charged
Under fire and hale of molten metal
From land mine charge to IED
At home and lands far from here
With pride and determination
They pushed forward
Bannishing enemies and tyrants
Making safe and holding firm

We honour them
By acheivements bold
A poppy on our chest
2 minutes of reflection on this day
And every day we live
They will and should never be forgotten
Man,woman,child or animal
They deserve our patriotic aplause
No matter your race,colour or religion

They gave thier blood
The sacraficed the highest
No grater deed by the few
For the good of the many
We shall remember them
Hounour and praise
Thanks and adoration
Forever and ever

Vanaf de conceptie tot de volwassenheid, onder de leer van de wijzer, we groeien sterker en beter geïnformeerd, geloven in de begrippen gegroeid, het leven van de dromen van onze verwezenlijkingen, het geven van dank voor al het leiderschap, liefdevolle en tederheid zonder na te denken, geven wij lof voor het oudere staatsman, onze matriarch en leraren, we zijn wie we zijn als gevolg van uw begeleiding, we bidden dat we u gerechtigheid en leven met gratie


       The meekness of mankind
        Is torn asunder
      Once peaceful scene’s scarred for
     Orders given by the safe followed by
      the brave trained souls
     Let’s bow our heads and remember
      All the brave hero’s
     That both gave and give thier lives
      with  unfaltering  pride
     We salute you Our Armed forces and        praise you
      Let your honor and dedication never be forgotten


Watching through hazes
Conseptualised by prompts
External interferences clamber
Tugging and jostling for control
Spinning idealism skyward
Chances missed or overlooked
Dreams squewed and thwarted
Opaic opticals sectionalised
Transmissions garbled by technological ploys
Throwing individual attempts in a spin
Crawling advances splutter along
Passing all by with selfishness
Wonder nor ideas stream free
Life omitted by carnivorous thought
Sinner or Saint be named
Being self in many guises
Spewed life forces explode around
Filled with gay abandons spritly gate
Onward and forward in all directions we plow


They were
Fathers, Sons, Brothers
Taken the call too arms
Defending there kin
Keeping peace
Protecting the fabric of nations

Not once did they think
Utilising Selfless actions
Training and determination
Putting there lifes down
So others would live
Standing by codes of brotherhood

Not just soldiers
But all emergancy services
The family of freedom
Is large and un discrimative
No matter the trade or training
Keeping people safe and protected
Is the ultimate goal

Us mear mortals
Hold them in awwe
Deep to the fabric
Of indavidualistic power
These brave few
Countlessly striving
Unbeknown to us

Let us always
Take a few minutes
Every day
To remember the brave
Who have passed away
Keeping us safe
And in one peace

This brotherhood of selfless heroes


Well today is back to school day and harmony has been restored. And this Fozzy Bear (and not the famous Muppet) is back in cruise control.
   Children safely and timely dispached to school , dogs walked and day 5 of “insanity” training programme done. I have two Fitness programmes to write and send that takes care of the $£€….. .
  This is a productive day so far we will see how all goes later.
  Also jst had the great news that one of our best friends is having a baby. And was also informed we wpuld be classed as Grand Bears as they look upon us as Mummy and daddy bear.
  It never ceases to amaze me how jst being me has such an epic effect on those around me !!!!, Some because I bring food and can assist with injury/health enquiries(if you are reading this with a smile yup that is you) and others because I just sit and listen.

So this Papa Bear is just gonna roll with it life is good and relaxed.Even though it can be really busy there is no rush.
I invite everyone to pull up a chair grab a coffee/tea and relax.Lets shoot the breeze and get to know each other in the coffee shop of life.
To all my bear cubs old and new Papa bear is always here to lend an ear,chat advise or have a laugh. Message away,skype,phone or text and I will be happy to reply and help whenever I can.
So this Bear is away to bring in the $£€,but always available so dont hesitate. Stay safe,have fun and do what makes you happy.