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Posted: September 26, 2016 in Random
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Walking down cobbled streets

The stone built houses meet and greet

Tudor ,Gorgian and Victorian too

Seamlessly mixed contented as new

Stroll up the hill through the groves

To be met by hills,fells and more

No matter the weather there is always things too do

The life of a town in the country heart

No stress just relaxation from the start

No happier home have I found

The gateway too the lakes is where it’s at

People come and people go but this is home for ever more

Dark gloomy exterior
Torn and blistered
Pages lived in words
Left on the shelf
No hands grasping
No eyes perusing the leafs
Non information collection
Stifeld silent recollections
This best seller before your eyes
Judged by look and not content
Foolish pre conceptions
Depriving your mentality of the joys within
Diminishing your imaginative imigary
Pictures blurred and incomplete
Who is the fool
The disheveled and twisted form
Or the narrow minded indaviduals
Un willing to discover the truths that await them

   Pick it up and delve into its journey

Far and wide
Been educated
Through trials
Of life’s journeys path
Achieved and failed
In equal measure
Love, laughed and lost
Built up my portfolio
Sold myself
Too pay my way
Delivered  my best every day
In my unique and personal way
To stranger and friend
As if they were gold
Built up memories always to hold
This is me
My way and life

Knuckles rattle flesh
Bones crunch and vessels split
Time and again
Lying blooded on the floor
Toe caps denting the skull
Ribs imprinted by soles of boots
Screams ring out
As the air escapes at speed
From my internal injuries
Breathless in tears
Flooded by blood
Prone and limp I stagnate
Again and again
This agression lusting indavidual
Continually pugilating
Punch drunk and obsessed
Drifting in and out of hell
When will it stop
Snapping and crunching
Trauma after trauma
Colidascopes of colour
Inprinted on flesh
Like beacons emblazen
The full truth of actions
Lying cold and pasty
Lifeless and pale
Left for dead
I drag my carcus along the floor
Agonisingly stretch for the phone
Agonisingly and tentivly
Punching in the emergency number
Clinging to conciousness by finger tips
Pass information with last breaths
Will help arrive,or will trauma return

Life cources……freedoms
Pathways…… acheivement
Skeletal. ………imperfections
Internalised. ….and perfection
The glory of humanity
The picture of health
The complex diversity of us
The similarities we all share
And the freedom of imagination
To mindfully live as one

Here I stand

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Random
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Twisted and contorted
Rooted to the spot
Limbs gnarled and open
Torso full of contusions
Stretching towards the light
Water cascades across every inch
As naked I stand
Howling winds,snows and rain
Batter and harang
But true and strong i stand
In this place called home
Spreading out in freedoms place