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Posted: August 2, 2014 in Random
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Sultry and mood invoking
Tantalising figure
She had the tools
And knew how to use them
Eyes deep and blue
Mystical and alooring
Angelic complexity shines
She is aloof
But inteligent and trained
Sent to take out
Those unsuspecting indaviduals
Split personas
One of vixen temptress
The other stone cold assasin
Shifting seemlessly between both
Never flustered or peturbed
Loving and attentive to her own
Decisive and deadly to the enemy
Wondrously enchanting
Devel or angel
Passing through varied lives
What is her name
Where is she from
Daughter,wife and mother bold
Tangle with her kin
At your peril
This tender soul
With sting in her tail