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Twentieth century
Inseminal robitic nature
Condemmed by profibility
Sold by others perceptions
Greivances inherited
Resembelance of humanity
Cyber literacies confound
Entrapped by natures of self
Growth and investigation
Driven by some dream
No longer our own
Social media spreads boundaries
Self control and understanding
Seduced and over ridden
Selective paranoia grows
Friendships built
Physically and cyber
Meld into one
Meeting in the physical
Stand out above all
Proper interactions develope
Understanding of persona’s
Pictures built insite gained
Cyber reality installed
Safety for all is Paramount
But small risks must be taken
So growth of form is established


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Sonnet,poetry of scribble
Writting etches letter and word
Prose,limmeric,shape or magnetic
Stories and songs naturalistic utterance
Projections of idealisms printed on paper
Procastinations and feeling sinnonimious with every letters protrail
Capturing segmented feelings
Wanton lusts and fairytales seep across oceans of compressions
Utterance or expressional oritations
Punctuations and segmentations of ability
The saver of lives,instigater of wars and the last will and testiment

The word


What is friendship
I hear you ask

Are we:
Always together
Helping out
Out on the town
or sitting about

On the phone
Night and day
A birthday card
Or text to say hey

Can it be knowing the truth
The flaws we have being uncooth
Allowing for changes in habit
Grumpy nature,feeling sad
Shoulder to lean on
Ear to bend
What do you consider in being a friend

Wheather next door
Two streets away
Across the border or oceans away
Effort and time is all that it takes
Aswell as allowances for those mistakes
Growing together over time and space
Keeping those people
True friends of mankind


As a machine we are amazing , we are programmed by anything around us. From the press to our siblings poking fun at us throughout life.
Society and the conception of what is right and what normal is,has a major roll in our lifestyle’s choices and formations.
And in the most part is the cause of many dietry,social,medical and personal choice errors.

Everything from medical testing too new Gm foods have things thrust apon us. Being endorsed by superstars of all sorts from every area.Then product advertising and placement take us a step further down the choice making process.
Then we have the pressure from family,friends and colleagues. And low and behold because we have been guided in the most part by something else we choose option a).


To change your lifestyle have your own choices,the indavidual has to take full control. This is alien to most of the population and scary to others.
Whether changing diet,medication,fitness or the clothes you wear. The indavidual knows thier body and its systems,there likes and needs.Better than any outside influence or goverment body.
So make the change follow the advice see the change reap the reward. One change for the better for one indavidual snowballs into several changes for seceral groups of indaviduals.
This is how changes are made and how they become Normal and understood.

So to change we need to change our aspects of normal.Yes it is hard and could be uncomfortable and anger others.But if we want to be healthier and have better lifestyle we have to buck the trends of the masses.
Be a leader not a sheep to take your life to another level and be indavidual.
The best Motivation in the world are the improvements mentally,physically,socialy and completely too your whole lifestyle and surrounding enviroments.
Everything will emprove work,health,fitness,education,social life,family and self preservation.