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Floating free
Indavidualised attempts
Freedoms chance
Sections of a whole
Un joined , soleless
Staring at limbs of cell
Cavorting in spacialism
Breathing carbon copied choice
Struggling for re apatriation of wholeness
Confused and deviod of strengths
Singular and weakend
Imbasilic atomic composatory woe


Posted: May 12, 2014 in Random
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   ( We go out the same way we came in)

Born naked and scared
Screaming and kicking
Into a world we dont understand

Clothed and molded
In our infant years
Many a fall
With lots of tears

Educated and Trained
Preperation and manipulation
From child too teen
Ready for what might be

Employed,educated and harassed
As young adults we hesitate
Finding our feet
Trying to contimplate

Nurturing and teaching
The formative years
With our children
Small and nieve

To old age we cruise
All wrinkled and worn
Where has all the good time gone
Memory and brain start to wain
Hello my friend
Whats your name again

Lying in half dressed
Scared in this place
Waiting fir St Peter
To open the gates

Naked and alone
We lie in state
For others now
To say good bye
Our time to wave and sigh
We leave in flame
Or natures crown
To join our four fathers and kin
in the clouds