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The tumbledown stone
Shale slate roof
Suspended in the air
No taxes too bare
My little house
On the bridge
No consequence or dare
Peacefully it sits
Admired and loved
My little old house 
I built with love

Take it in your stride

Place your foot upon its rays
The shafts of light
The solar gaze
Step by step
Stride by stride
With a song in your heart
And smile on your face
The day has dawned
Fresh and new
Another chapter has begun
Life is for living
Fill it with fun
The stresses and turmoil
Will never drag you down
Just take it in your stride
In the brightness of the sun


Posted: October 3, 2015 in Random
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Droplet of fragility
Falls from my eye
Filled with emotives
Deep from inside
No sign of weakness
Strength to the most
Mark of respect
Joyful repose
My heart does release
Freely in time
The tears I may cry

Striding along
Head held high
Sun on our faces
Glint in the eyes
Fresh and clear
Clarity of thought
No twisted mind on mental knots
Free as a bird
Roaming the path
Thankful for life
And natures magical spell
Breaking free of societies force
We and the freedoms
We search for the most


Somewhere over our rainbow
We free ourselves
No pot of gold or leprechaun’s
Just peace and humility
No darkness or hate lives
That idyllic place
We all transcend too
Breaking away from day-to-day
Ripping off the masks and embellishments
Being truly self and one
Smiling true smiles feeling no pains
The mental and physical
Release of tensions bared
Flood over us
Uncontrolled torrents of bliss
Take me their and leave me
I will not want or moan
For here is my solitude
And here I would love to stay
Forever and a day


Follow the tempo
Feeling free
Dreams of gold
You and me
Places visited
Times of fun
People lost
And love on the run
Sunshine and storm
Brightest of light
Darkest of night
Achieving the best
Fighting the fears
Falling down holes
Rasing the flags
Follow your dreams
Make it a class
Faster than sound
Hit the ground running
And reach for the stars


Independance of a country is a choice of the people. Not a political action with tit for tat strikes of vocalised profanity or Physical hatred towards either side.

Referendum: The selective vote to decide on a plan of action. So if YES wins then it is more likely to go through in 2016 which is the actual vote. If it is a victory for the No camp then it is likely to be a No in 2016.
Scottish Governance: This is the contentious point in all for decisions to be made. There are many that do not hold Alex Salmond in any regard at all. But this isnt what the vote is for at all he will be voted out at next election and already his own party have set about seeking new leadership. So do not take him into concideration for your decision.
  Westminster Governance: David and Nick are rabbits in headlights over the whole thing. Harbergers of doom and gloom and profanity neither they nor there parties have actually come up with a strong informed arguement for keeping the union.
   They have made heavy of what will be levied at scotland by westminster if Yes wins on the 18th. This is time to wake up as these cuts and sanctions will still be brought to bare even if No wins.
They can not stop Scotland keeping the pound as its monetary unit.And sending Mr Darling a paid puppet to argue and debate was a disaster as he himself couldnt make anything stick. And also basically said that a) scotland could use the pound b) Scotland would be a strong nation and c) Couldnt uphold his Parties line with any verve at all.

The transition in all this will mean a period of osterity for Scotland. in that prices may be higher and the populious and governance will have to find there feet. This is only natural in any break away from long term unity. However this is not a divorce where arguements about houses,cats,children or pets should cloud anyones views or decisions.
  Edward (Longshanks) applied similar tactics as our present goverment . Supplying tax breaks,larger facilities,promise of contracts ect to draw firms and businesses South of the border. But there own ageements on EU laws and stipulations will come back too bite them. Particularly on the banking and financial front, at present all financial centers are to be in the capitals or where governance of the country is held. So at this time it will be London , this is why Rbs,Llyods ect are moving to london if Yes wins on the 18th. But if that is the case in 2016 if Yes wins they would have to move to Edinburgh anyway under the new regulations and stipulations there off.
  If this is not done then hefty fines and sanctions are in place.

The countries present Goverment are cutting services,benifits,military,Nhs,Royal mail and many more to come. They are and have caused an increase in the number of people living below the bread line,raised the need for food banks,cloths banks and more homless family shelters. They have given un realistic parameters too agencies making decisions in disabilities needs,funding and social needs.
  At the present rate a large majority of the country will be even worse off by the time a general election is brought to be.
  A part from the historic and chronoligical growth of the UK with Scotland as an integral part. Being miss understood and used as the test bed for things like Poll Tax,Bedroom Tax and many more throughout the years.
   What catastrophic acts will actually take place if Independance is Won?.
  There will only be one major differance in that Scotland would be its own Nation and have its own Identity, Allowing it to be solely recognised for its own great acheivements. And then there still could be a great working relationship with all the other nations England,Wales and Ireland. As we are at the moment technically in Glasgows Games it should have been a UK team !!! but it wasnt, it was ok for Scotland,Wales and Ireland to have there “independant” Personalities and teams take part as they are looked at within Great Britains Commonwealth !!!.

I am an always will be a True Scotsman no matter what decission is made on the 18th Of September 2014. But people need to make either decision properly informed. And the attacks on each other from both Yes and No camps needs to stop as it doesnt help either get closer to victory. That is why we are a democracy voted by the people by our choices , selections and votes. Not by thuggary,benevelance,hatered and foul profanity.


They were
Fathers, Sons, Brothers
Taken the call too arms
Defending there kin
Keeping peace
Protecting the fabric of nations

Not once did they think
Utilising Selfless actions
Training and determination
Putting there lifes down
So others would live
Standing by codes of brotherhood

Not just soldiers
But all emergancy services
The family of freedom
Is large and un discrimative
No matter the trade or training
Keeping people safe and protected
Is the ultimate goal

Us mear mortals
Hold them in awwe
Deep to the fabric
Of indavidualistic power
These brave few
Countlessly striving
Unbeknown to us

Let us always
Take a few minutes
Every day
To remember the brave
Who have passed away
Keeping us safe
And in one peace

This brotherhood of selfless heroes