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When you peal my skin
Revealing the surface below
Impurity and devistation
Blood crimson red
It will not define me
Or defeat the power within
It will just compound
The truth and heart there in
Fix it up and stich it tight
And put me back to bed
I will awake with a smile on my face
And the confidance will shine

Those haters and doubters
Through my life
And people who can not be
Will gape in awe of what’s set a fore
And languish where they sit
To keep up with me or be your best
You have too put you self behind
Pick up my leed and fall in line
Do what must be done
Not needing to be asked or told by some
Intinctivly just move
For at your ages it is unheard
To be instructed in simple life

So stop you paranoid acts
And lazy task
Of others doing your job
Everyone sees you lack and luster
And bow thier heads in shame
It’s not for us to lift you up
Or prod you to awaken
But for you alone to get off your ass
And stand to be accepted
No excuse or story bold
Will be accepted any longer
Pick up thy shovel and dig with the rest
On the coal face that is life
Do not question or meline
The reasons for the silence
For people will only explain themselves
So many time before the fall silent
This is why you must take note
Of the reasons behind them


Twentieth century
Inseminal robitic nature
Condemmed by profibility
Sold by others perceptions
Greivances inherited
Resembelance of humanity
Cyber literacies confound
Entrapped by natures of self
Growth and investigation
Driven by some dream
No longer our own
Social media spreads boundaries
Self control and understanding
Seduced and over ridden
Selective paranoia grows
Friendships built
Physically and cyber
Meld into one
Meeting in the physical
Stand out above all
Proper interactions develope
Understanding of persona’s
Pictures built insite gained
Cyber reality installed
Safety for all is Paramount
But small risks must be taken
So growth of form is established