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Hold my hand
Here is the key
Take it and hold it dear
You are my world
Beside you I know no fear
This key is special
It only opens one door
You are it’s keeper
The holder of life
Don’t play with my emotions
Mistreat or meline
Love , cherish and care for
My love and my mind
We are completeness
True one in every way
Linked together
In body,mind and heart
Stay with me forever
Never stray or depart
That key too  my heart
I bestow on you
My true friend and lover
The always be true
You are my Happy Everafter
Spending every day just us two


Posted: October 20, 2015 in Random
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I solomly swear
To uphold
The honour of self
The ability of one

To fight day by day
Minute to hour
For the freedom deserved
To the end
Of journeys to be travelled

Accept my failings
Allow for others
Learn and adapt to all
Be myself and live true
No matter the case or cause

By this
I live with honour
Friend,foe or stranger
Dealt the same courtious pleasure
Welcomed with open arms
Weapons hidden from view
Sheethed for eternity
Swiftly drawn in defence of truth

This is my Oath
The pattern of life
Glowing free patriation
No matter place,time or reason
No evils or stresses bare
My life,my way by my rules