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Striking lighting like

Intensifying every twinge 

Sending the sensors into overdrive

Clouding the judgement always
Bolt upright I sit

Corpse like and still

Eyes red and bleary

Darkness consumes my form
Ground hog day starts once more

As my mask fitted

Smiling ,happy and fresh

I tackle the tasks before me
Dulled by medicated chemical’s

Cruising along with programmed tasks

Personality void,robotic motion

Plowing through the day
Homeward to solitude

Mask drops partialy once more

Top up of chemicals

Replenishment of energy

Returning to my easy bed

And the chatter of the pixelated noise box


Standing in rows
Sways of dullness
Interpreted as conformitivity
Shuffeling our way
Through dailly trudgery
Numbers not names
Tick boxes of similarity
Scared to enblazen colour
Fearfull of our indavidualism
Sanctamonious oppressive simulation
Natures devoid of self
Robotic motions clock work ability
Regemented by generatory conformism
Life slopes by unaware of freedoms gift

Slave too dispare

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Random
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Dull and dreary
Soaked too the core
Alone and lost
Depressive emotiveness
Mask slipping
Grasping onto any kindness
Misplaced or intensional
Boundaries blurred and mirky
Where can she go
What is safe and warm
Disalousioned with society
No true friendship relation
This dark corner is home
Single room depraved of soul
Where she calls for rest
Mired with the stench of indiscretions done
Crying out for help
Falling on barron ears
Listless and angst filled
Seeking soul mate and safety
The journey and hunt
Continues in silent hope

The Home Coming

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Random
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Hot breath against her flesh
Strong arms embraced
Powerful rythmic beat
Heart races,skin tingles
Lust filled images fill her head
Lips qwiver in antisapation

Pictures hung on the wall
Smugged with fingers caress
Lipstick marks of passion
Sented letrers
Piled neatly beside bed
Lingering memories of days passed

Continuation begins
Repatriation of relationship
Renewal of feelings
Re working of life
Take two
Reconnecting of indaviduals
Normality over duty
Simplicity and generalisation
Possibility of progressiveness

Of mind and body
Steady relocatory advance
Her hero,rock and everything
Once more begins
Re education of civility
Humanities beleif

Nightmares and swets
Agression and awkwardness
Reactory symtoms of service
Seeker of help
Freedoms fighter and man
Fearfull and meek
Returning foil of goverment
Peace keeper to all
Tours done duties put to bed
Salutes and praise heeped
Haunted soul pacified