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The dark

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Random
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The black cloak
Intrepid fortitude
Oblivion in extreme
No shadow cast
Light does not permiate
Lifeless still and quiet
Motion is no necessity
The depressive silence
Deafens all around
The dark complete
At one with all


Tainted armoured flesh
Embellished by depravities sinues
Sullen expressionless fasade
Non greeting, lacking empathy
Strength exudes powers glare
Thwarting plans of enemies found
What is at the core of this beast
Tiny diminutive frame
Of societies weakest personage
Furthest from the Knights realm
Full of heart , care and fight
Stronger than an Ox
But timid and shy like a sheep
He returns too his shaded corner
And dips his head with rounded shoulders
Meek and quiet once more
Reverting to stereo types form


Welcome to the Dark solitude
Brightened by heavinly sparkle
Led esk twinkle and twitch
Drawing pictures on the sky
The happy illumination of the moon
Overlooking and protecting us all
Taking stag duty over the world
Proud and boldly pushing against the night
Filling hearts with joy and minds with dreams
Invoking imaginatory journey’s
Slumber becons and calls our name
Warm enwrapped hugs of downie pleasure
Soft feathery crowns clasp gently and guide safe
Into dream state and recovery passion
Freshening the sole for future events
Reclaiming peace from the hectic past day
Awakening as true self poised and invigoured


Posted: July 3, 2014 in Random
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                     The shadows fall
                With deafening silence
                    Darkness chases
              Idaviduals procastonate
                 The meek play dead
                 Asleep in downy pits
          Awaiting the life giving glimmer
                 Fare well lunar fear
      Chased by solar pleasured warmth

Rat Race

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Random
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Chasing our tales
Scurrying to and frow
Rushing and scampering
Constant shifting and correction
Life at lightspeed
Confusion reigns supreme
Neglagance and contempt for others
Mistakes rain down
Gulping for lifes breath
Rest non conformist
Busier than natures intention
Regurgitation of lives instruction
Depraved of self
Conseptual existances
Must go now,must be faster
Busy lizzy makes dizzy
No time to hault take stock
Gotta go. ….

When will we stop !!!

Night Call

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Random
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                            night call
                  bats swoop and dive
                           sleep falls