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Like the mighty Oak
With presision is felled
Stroke after stroke
The lumber jack wields
Crashing too the floor
With a creek and a moan
Loud crash and wail
As debris is strewn
Shards are tossed asunder
Other limbs and structures
Are spattered

Hoisted high
By hoist and crane
Manual labour’s  swet and strain
Hacking and sawing
Tendrils and branches hacked
Dragged away by chains off steel
Congragated on trailers long
Driven too mills to be whittled down
Turned into planks and chairs
For civilisation to use and defile more

Seeds were scattered
During the fall
Dna of strength and age
Sown in the wind
Scars of defilement abound
Seen from space aswell as ground
New life sprouts slow but true
In Virginia soil unspoilt
Out of view
Humanity tares it down
Without sadness or a frown
Thier needs are many
Unbound and sireal
How must mother nature feel

Time and nature
Nurture all
New stocks and growth
Will strongly yield
Father time and Mother earth
Will heal the scars
Machines do wield
Humanity and it’s disfigurations
Will be paid for by all countries and nations
By wind,rain and continental shifts
Volcanic flows and temperature rifts
These gifts are aplenty
A warning too all
Reminding humanity one and all


Slave too dispare

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Random
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Dull and dreary
Soaked too the core
Alone and lost
Depressive emotiveness
Mask slipping
Grasping onto any kindness
Misplaced or intensional
Boundaries blurred and mirky
Where can she go
What is safe and warm
Disalousioned with society
No true friendship relation
This dark corner is home
Single room depraved of soul
Where she calls for rest
Mired with the stench of indiscretions done
Crying out for help
Falling on barron ears
Listless and angst filled
Seeking soul mate and safety
The journey and hunt
Continues in silent hope


Posted: May 28, 2014 in Random
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Sharp thorny stems
Sweet scent of freshness
intertwined pettals hugging
Nurtured from seed
Sprouted and tended
Stetching for golden Rays
Awashed and fed by gems of liquid
Workers of nature busy and propigate
Final insemenatory blossoms gleem with joy
The never ending pepetual motion of the living


Dancing embers tumble and frolic
Stemmed droplets of water gather
Crashing and caressing the shore
Breaths and whispers of air
Gently toss and teasle through our hair
Rolling round our body with gentle feather like touch

We gaze out into the open
Thoughts of each others actions
In this time and place
Out stretched arms fill with warmth
With every breeze and white horse tail
Heart leaps with every passing thought
Beating like the rythmic clickity clack of a train on rails
Faster and harder as our thoughts come together

Two distant shapes brought together
With undying passions and love
Time standing still as silence surounds us
The world stopping and peace decending
This indecent space is ours too elope and dance
To our own tunes and idealisms

I take this moment with me as I go
To chase you in my dreams
And sleep entangled in your soul
Deep our thundering hearts are embeded in the other
Keeping the attachment strong
Antisepation cavorts around my soul
For the day we hold each other close
Once again my lover,friend and one and only