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Day dawns fresh and clear
Clouds dance in air light and free
New ideas germinate
Drawing strength from nutrients
Hidden deep beneath the earth
Taking shape and reaching up
Driven by hunger
Full of desire
Flung into action by you and I
First steps of many
One after the other
Striking down paths invisibly set
These are the wishes and hopes of fate
Waiting patiently at the gates
Grasp them strong and hold them tight
Lets combine lives and take golden flight



Tainted armoured flesh
Embellished by depravities sinues
Sullen expressionless fasade
Non greeting, lacking empathy
Strength exudes powers glare
Thwarting plans of enemies found
What is at the core of this beast
Tiny diminutive frame
Of societies weakest personage
Furthest from the Knights realm
Full of heart , care and fight
Stronger than an Ox
But timid and shy like a sheep
He returns too his shaded corner
And dips his head with rounded shoulders
Meek and quiet once more
Reverting to stereo types form

Little Robin Red

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Random
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Winters welcome has arrived
Spritely and cheeky
Filled with life
Flitting from tree too tree
Settling to feed for all too see
Nervous at first
But brash and bold
Sitting still with chest so bold
Warming hearts and placing grins
What a charector is stored within
We welcome your chirp
Our portly small friend
Our gardens Robin Red breast