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Darkness I hate you
You haunt me
Stealing my light
And every shade of my day
Dragging me down
Making me frown
Swirled through my dream state
Sleeping with eyes wide
Trembling with fear
Look like a zombie
Sallow and gray
Depressions indemnabilities
Spaced and distressed
Gone is my ego,confidance and more
Shunned by my family
Pushed into the unknown
Left to flail around
On the baronest of ground
Here is my fight
And dreams of the light
Hope limp and listing
Still hanging around
Praise to the gods
For releaf from my pains
But most of all understanding
By the societies hoards


Where have you gone
The empty space where you sat
The impression on the mattress
Your perfume on my clothes
Your tea stained cup
The dusty shoes in the hall
Still hanging lifeless drapery in the closet
Memories flood with every step
Expectation of your appearance
Every time the doors swing
How can I greave
As you still linger around
When will the hurt go
What can I do
Who will unlock my soul
The love that will never die
The life unforgettable
Sleep well my love
Stay as I remember
But pain and stressless
We will meet again with open arms



Lighter than air
Tethered to hope
flimsy , brittle dreams
Condemned to drift
Lashed and tied
To aspirations laces
Dare we grab hold
Grasping tight
Too drive forward
Amplifying achievements joy
Too rise above the soulless achievers
The condemners of virtues rising


The fealings drawn from deep within pulling the the emotions too and froe. Drawing from experiences gathered over many years.He endeavours to rise and continue with his daily life,despite his emotive less form. Many days off longing and empty visions have filled his head since her passing. His heart heavy and sluggish still beats within despite himself.
Twenty four years together as husband and wife many travels and great memories but the physical loss is weighing heavily on his soul. Defined as a couple since high school he is struggling through the mire off his grief.
His princess taken at such a young age in a cruel and unexpected fashion. No investigations or questions answered seems the world has just forgotten her entire existence all together. How can such a bright guiding light be dimmed and extinguished so easily without an explination or reason. This battle rages through his mind without a light too guide. Just like a traveler lost on a dark dingy path in unknown territories far from safety with only thier wits and determination too guide them.
Who in his world can now light his path, not even his faith in god himself seems to assist his journey. Dimmer and more lost emotionaly than ever before words just bounce off him none sinking in , no actual consolment or closure insight for this desperate chapter.
In his darkness he prepares his breakfast and readies himself. Consuming his carboard like provisions and wearing his dowdy attire he heads out the door. Head dipped no eye contact made with any soul and the cracks in the pavement they seem caslm like each stride for survival seeming longer than ever before.
The consept off life itself is struggling to surface any joy or fluidity within his mental state. People stop to pass the time of day and see how he is but he is deaf and blind too it all. Standing on the edge off the cliffs of dispare he teeters one stumble and his life metamorphically speaking stops all existence his last breath will be drawn.

The darkness has taken him or is it just normallities excuse to avoid dealing with this situation. Who knows , Who will help and when will clarity appear.


The mist has decended
Eyes burning within
Muscles contorted and tight
Rail road engines crashing in my skull
Words falling on barron ground
Indaviduals wanton abandon
Consume and deafen loved ones
Assistancess and partnerships vannished
Alone in this void
Smuthered in the darkness
Constantly battling too survive
Fighting for freedom
The grasp of pain fueled dipressiveness
Ever stronger , ever deeper
what too do Now
Sleep the slumber of intention
Fates choice to awaken or not
Wings furled preperations made
Good night and hopeful fairwell
To this angst and dark state
Seaking brighter lighter days
With Peace

Sirens Escape

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Random
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The sirens scream in despare
Forlorn they weep
Whaling low and longingly
There life blood drains slow
Hearts torn assunder from their breasts
As angelic gardains carry  high
Thier muse and love lustness
Torn from them by the remaining goodness within
Salvation is not to be thiers
Concubines of evils fragitity
They are set to roam alone
For eternity in search of lusts longing
Pale at frailties edge
Balancing precariously
Between love and deaths angst
These wretches of evils doing
Are left to wallow eternally

Slave too dispare

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Random
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Dull and dreary
Soaked too the core
Alone and lost
Depressive emotiveness
Mask slipping
Grasping onto any kindness
Misplaced or intensional
Boundaries blurred and mirky
Where can she go
What is safe and warm
Disalousioned with society
No true friendship relation
This dark corner is home
Single room depraved of soul
Where she calls for rest
Mired with the stench of indiscretions done
Crying out for help
Falling on barron ears
Listless and angst filled
Seeking soul mate and safety
The journey and hunt
Continues in silent hope

I watch….

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Random
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Where did my heart go
As if by magic
Silently absconded
Sitting I pine for you
Staring out my window
Wishing for your return
Trying to imagine what you are doing
Languishing in desire
Calculating why you  left

Lifeless I sit
Waining for your home coming
Chest empty
Soul in tatters
Considerless of others
Wrapped in pitty of self
Mind foggy and lost
Cant sleep eat or think
Worthless concideration of being
Non discript shell of form

Please help
Returm my feeling
Incur my energetic verve
Beating heart within
Pulse and flow
Consolidation of emotions
Movements free
Un chain my body and soul
Release me from the dark
Relight this true fire
Let me be for someone true
New and invigourated


Standing on the shore
Life lapping at our feet
Barely coating our skin
Inner depths entraped emotions
Lustfully pining for advertures
Waiting to sail on waves
Silver encrusted journey
To far off places and back again
Mentalism of abilities
Carraged in glazed expresions
Filtered by transparent widows
Threw flesh toned conversations
Unnoticed or reflected
By the neglagance of others
Meteoric stares
Delving through our emotive dreams
As a diver through surface waters
Where will we end up
How do we get there
For who’s attentions is our journey


Dancing embers tumble and frolic
Stemmed droplets of water gather
Crashing and caressing the shore
Breaths and whispers of air
Gently toss and teasle through our hair
Rolling round our body with gentle feather like touch

We gaze out into the open
Thoughts of each others actions
In this time and place
Out stretched arms fill with warmth
With every breeze and white horse tail
Heart leaps with every passing thought
Beating like the rythmic clickity clack of a train on rails
Faster and harder as our thoughts come together

Two distant shapes brought together
With undying passions and love
Time standing still as silence surounds us
The world stopping and peace decending
This indecent space is ours too elope and dance
To our own tunes and idealisms

I take this moment with me as I go
To chase you in my dreams
And sleep entangled in your soul
Deep our thundering hearts are embeded in the other
Keeping the attachment strong
Antisepation cavorts around my soul
For the day we hold each other close
Once again my lover,friend and one and only