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Bugles fanfare sounds
Eyes struggle too open
Leaping out of bed
Pulling the duvet over my shoulders
Planting feet firmly on the floor
Burrowing into my downy pillow soft
Stretching up to the sky
Slumber welcomes me once more
Sinues awaken and energised
Dream state envigours and warms
Washed,spruced and ready
Dragging me willingly away from here
Out the door and on my way
Too my solitude and peace
Dailly tasks gladly dispatched
Fishing and scenery my prize
To live forefilled and free
Escapism and calmness
I am what I strive to be
I shudder to think of realities needs
This life is for living 100%
I hide away from all


In common place
I wonder free
Looking normal as can be
Fully of joy
Intelligence bound
Not a flaw to be found
Then the monster wakes
And the mind does shake
Turmoil and pain
Of past indiscretions play
Vivid and clear
Only I can see
Re living every motion
Feelings flood and heart does race
Until true love does quench its need
Returning eventually
To civilities normalities vein


Locked away devoid of feeling
Emotiveness floods the soul
Fear stricken spectres of doubt
Battling with presevatory abilities
Joy of self jousting with hatefulness
Abilities subdued by ignorance
Dragged deeper into dispare
By pittiful embevalance
Miss understood and conpounded
Striving to shine soulful light
Through misty darkness
Self presevatory struggle
Pushing to rise above and eluminate
Hatred bannished to inner core
Tormentors blocked and silenced
By intrepid speeches and lyrical prose
The deep battle of egoless self
Dailly and iconceptual
Lifting of spirit above sinfulness
Contempt and angers fade
Self worth and joy of being
Struggle to rise,through battles won and lost

     I am never Lose I WIN or I Learn


Conseptions of what lies ahead
Dark blankets cover the sky
Coating surroundings
With a veil of gloomy charcoal grey
Distant glimmers of silvery blue
Enticing us forward into the unknown
  Striding forward head held high
  Ready to face turmoils as they go by
  Indifferant and thoughtless
  Towards opinions and provications
  One step at a time
  Onward to goals personalised and set
  Charging towards a brighter day

Deseptors dispare at indifferance
Challangers fall by the wayside
Hurdles are lept as if insicnificant
Smiles adorn those faces you meet
This is how a survivor cruises through
Indavidualy or partnerd on the journey
Time and consistancy promote this behaviour
Realism,self worth and contemptability
This journey is life and it is for living
The indavidual is awesome despite it all


Grazing on the leftovers
That uncaring accellerators of hate
perpetuate by ignorance
Sifting pieces discarded
By life forces insecure and vile

Pushing deliverance
Of Emotions forgotten
Played by the way side
Of vengances field
Fueled by desire
To kill and disenbowl
The putrid societies stench

Trying to heave my head
Above the infested waters
Life seeping from the pours
Disapearing into air
Filled with smoke and deathening fear
Prayed apon by the Underlings
Without care or recollection
Or care for pallatable or proper endevour

Stealing my strength
From carrion left rotting
Raising up and spreading
Out the wings of strength
Heart of steal and talons of fire
Darkness the friend
Of unfotunate souls
Rising above such a
World un educated and devided
Where are the souls of joy
And welcome

Soaring free and full of desire
This peacefull indavidual
Hunting for love
And friendly companion
To carry the life once
Seen in dreams
Forever a nomad
in true life endevour


In the room full of joy
Rapture flows from girl and boy
Chatting ,Laughing, googing off
Oblivious to the world around
  Ask a question to looks and stares
Quantified by silence in the air
No retort or utterance made just as if nothing was said

Joining in with the fun around all the faces look too the ground
  Not a look, glance or a stare to acknowledge the fact they know I’m there
   Shouting at the top of my voice echo’s around with out a choice
  Still no flicker of emotional pace no smile or frown apon a face

Is it worth this battle of mine , to speak the words and be held in time
  I am not a dummy , pupper or mute There are feelings inside the scars of the brute
  Heart and soul nobody see just scars on the face and normalities tears
  Sit in the corner all on my own , Party for one as I Talk To Myself