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Nights freedom

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Random
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      Black satin sheets
      Pulled softly over soft cotton pillows
      Silence deafens
      Peace depends humanity
      Nature verberates with freedom
      Nocturnal and free
      They scamper and scurry
      Tasks undertaken with verve
       Grasp those precious hours
      Till sunlight breaks the dark
       Illuminating the world bright once more
       Putting perpetualality in motion once more



Struggles bare down
Anger rises from the fire
Strain and comprehension develope
Torn from the arms of compassion
Freedoms gate creeks shut
Light dims slowly too new rythm
Conglomerates regulatory miss trust
Dailly deliveries of distain
Striving and toil to pay for sins
Monitary compensatory lapses
Delivery momentary reliefs
Loves comforts grasp and hold tight
Pulling free from the dark
Momentary glimpses of joy and passion
Emblazen self worth indelibly etched on sole
Driving forward dreams and goals for future
Day light wains returning self
To compasionate relaxing embrace of worth
Wallowing in delight at her soft silken flesh
Warmth and comforting nature
Drawing near the slumber of kings
Enwrapped in the loving entangled embraces
Reliences disapear and truth returns
As new days dawn despite situation
Freeing soles and choices
Returning control back too self


As we grow we conceptualise
Our needs and wants through our eyes
Pitting them against our visalisations
Selectiveness prevails against nature
Our core beleif of what we seek
That kind hearted person,personality sweet
Loving,careing,inteligant,funny and neat
Ticking the boxes sub concious feat
Sole mates,friends love of our lives
Partners for ever giving us drive
Consoling in sadness,providers of joy
Determind nature whether Girl or boy
Approvals of other not needed or saught
Confidance of soul and acceptance of heart
Chosen for reasons deep and so true
Deliberations and points of view
Get thrown out the window
Because I choose you

Rat Race

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Random
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Chasing our tales
Scurrying to and frow
Rushing and scampering
Constant shifting and correction
Life at lightspeed
Confusion reigns supreme
Neglagance and contempt for others
Mistakes rain down
Gulping for lifes breath
Rest non conformist
Busier than natures intention
Regurgitation of lives instruction
Depraved of self
Conseptual existances
Must go now,must be faster
Busy lizzy makes dizzy
No time to hault take stock
Gotta go. ….

When will we stop !!!


Humanities designs on
Mother natures canvas
Ecological paterns designed to evolve
Humanitarian disasters destort and desolve
Continual battles fought with a pen
When will this civilization ever learn
From small creatures to magestic tall trees
Meandering rivers and wild ocean breeze
They are there for a reason and naturistic domain
Too last for ever not disapear in vein
Civilisation should assist and maintain
Not use for its own purpose
And sigh what a shame
Replenish and conserve is the name of the game
Or mother nature will start over again
With volcanic eruptions,earth quakes and much more
Her natural powers will bring nations too the floor
Acountable actions each of us see
Take stoke and think off what life should be
Sustaining of futures the planet and we