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Dazzle the lyricist 

Pugulist of linguistic provocation

Sheets strewn across the floor

Pages bleeding written utterances

Diction detectives clueless agility

Dictionaries burn with scripted speed

Ink like molten lava etched every letter deep

Correspondences spew freely with ease

Contemplation of moods bewildered and blended

Simili and proes subliminally appear

Cascading from mind to page seamless

Attention to details oblivious 

Time flies past without care

The writer immersed in the flow

Letters stories and poetry make

The weapon and cure for all eventualities


Learning to live
Obscuring the fear
Versatility of choices
Encapsulating everything
Yearning for better days
Observing the way forward
Utilising the abilities within
Never faltering
Opening doors
Working together
Acceptance of fate
Never wavering
Decisiveness rules
Open too ideals
Remembering the sun
Escaping the darkness
Validating the teachings
Encompassing life’s spirit
Replenishing loves true meaning