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Stored in pixels optical blends
Metered light and filters end
Developed and printed
Or digitally advanced
Striding forward camera in hand
Snapping and clicking
Snapshots of life
Building up bricks
Of today’s true life
From Family and friends our pets at play
To cloud covered skies and nature today
The sullen stone walls and out stretched limbs
Wonderously stored on memory or film
Displayed with affection
Of the strong and brave
These are my life memory boxed
Captured by frames
Anonymous and bold


Bold layered flame
Pointing sky wards
  Provider of heat and light
Flickers in the breeze
Dancing and jumping along
  Constant balancing act
Between alive and extinguishing end
  Metephore for lifes journey
   From conception too death
As we ourselves waver and dance
Through life on selected paths
Life is light,heat and warmth
  As our flame does flicker