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All the masks
Hide the smiles
Wheeled through corridors
For miles and miles
Into pre op
For sleep inducing

Mask strapped on
Trundled through
Placed on the table
Meet for carving
Heart beat stable

Area marked
With Felt tip pencil
Insisions lined
Prepare the patient
Inserted lines and monitor cable
The thwack of gloves
Surgeons able

Scalple cuts
Like knife through butter
Clamps in place
Bring on the cutter
Whirring blade
Of dimond edge
Here is he cutting his hedge

An hour or two
Too monitor closley
Moniters beep
Lights a flashing
Resperator pumps
The air it flows
The actions done
We never know

Clamps removed
Sutures done
Skin stiched up
By seamstress one
Staples clapped
To pull it tight
To recovery know for the night

Family come at visiting time
Lyinging wired up
To the national grid
Beep and blip
Flash and buzz
Flicker of eye lid
Twitch of finger
Do they run or stand and linger

Another night of watchful gaze
To see responces on the face
Morning cones
And to the worlds suprise
There are two big blue eyes
Raise the fluids
The prompt at once
To start the journey
Of getting up

Operations are tentative times
No matter what they are
But I thank the wonders
Off medical Science
And each and every indavidual
That worked together
To pull me through
And Make me who I am
They are never praised enough