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Plated armour
Strong and true
Founded with heart
Stealed and honed
Inpregnable and mobile
Mask of strength and delight
Weilding weapons of choice
Straight and on virtues side
Slaying the evil and defilers of right
Filling the innerds of thy suit
With heart and strength second too none
The warriors armour is individual and true
Only one owner your faith in you
Evil will deflect and scatter at will
Wear it with pride
Be safe from ill will
Life time warrior fighter off true
Lighting the path lying before
Pits and perils avoided at last


At the draw of the bow
Qwivering strings
Resinating of the fret board
The light glistening
Off the sharpend edge
Formed on the steel bow spine

Fingers supple and strong
Pinning down the sharp strings
Formulating note after note
Hypnotically entransing
Drawing Humanities soul
Deeper and closer
Towards the edge of the stage

The tempo quickens
The hoof like rythmic twitch
Thundering across the air
Defying all obsticles before it
Pearcing the thickest walls
Smashing glass

This Devils bidder
Of musical excelence
Peddling his wears
For all to see
Brightening the darkness
Constraining the doubters
With awwe and amazement

Never before
Had something known
As so horrid
Basked in such bright glory
Lit up by the magestic
Presence of Musicality

Praise be to the unknown
Give it the right
To perfom in your view
Let it deliver
Its wonders
Straight to your soul
Uncondemed and free


Grazing on the leftovers
That uncaring accellerators of hate
perpetuate by ignorance
Sifting pieces discarded
By life forces insecure and vile

Pushing deliverance
Of Emotions forgotten
Played by the way side
Of vengances field
Fueled by desire
To kill and disenbowl
The putrid societies stench

Trying to heave my head
Above the infested waters
Life seeping from the pours
Disapearing into air
Filled with smoke and deathening fear
Prayed apon by the Underlings
Without care or recollection
Or care for pallatable or proper endevour

Stealing my strength
From carrion left rotting
Raising up and spreading
Out the wings of strength
Heart of steal and talons of fire
Darkness the friend
Of unfotunate souls
Rising above such a
World un educated and devided
Where are the souls of joy
And welcome

Soaring free and full of desire
This peacefull indavidual
Hunting for love
And friendly companion
To carry the life once
Seen in dreams
Forever a nomad
in true life endevour