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It washes over us
Like the tide over sand
Winters onset chill in the air
Crisp fresh mornings frost on the ground
Warmth of breath spirals afore
Decorations set in place
Trees laden with tinsel spring up fast
Xmas is coming santa is on his way
Children excited presents to bare
Carols sang loudly Xmas hits blast loud
Shops full too bursting
People throng and harass
Spirit of uletide a wash on thier face
It washes over the world as a whole
The spirit of Christmas and the Lords holy prayer
No matter your country, religion or creed
We all celebrate something at this time of year.

Bugles fanfare sounds
Eyes struggle too open
Leaping out of bed
Pulling the duvet over my shoulders
Planting feet firmly on the floor
Burrowing into my downy pillow soft
Stretching up to the sky
Slumber welcomes me once more
Sinues awaken and energised
Dream state envigours and warms
Washed,spruced and ready
Dragging me willingly away from here
Out the door and on my way
Too my solitude and peace
Dailly tasks gladly dispatched
Fishing and scenery my prize
To live forefilled and free
Escapism and calmness
I am what I strive to be
I shudder to think of realities needs
This life is for living 100%
I hide away from all


In to storms we sail
Reaching our destinations
Acheiving goals at hand
Trimming sails
Traveling on the wind
Storms blow hard
Waves try to crush us
As emotive flies
Stuck to the deck
As insects to paper
Mother nature tries to quash us
Horses 6 foot high
Thunder on the fabric around us
Our vessel tossed and thrown
Too and frow
With our life jackets firm
We cling on for our lives
Staring ourselves onwards
Terrified and shaken
We qwiver
Driven by our determinations
We battle on
No storm or darkness
Can last forever
Power on to the lighter sky
Golden gilt edged clouds
Barely visible in the distance
Tantalise and tease
Gifting hope
Of calm a reward of survival

Day after day
Night onto night
We the crew in life
Tend our craft
Seamanship tested to the full
Fortitude and endevours
Questioned and remarked
Supplies and sustanance drawn
Searching for ports
To wait out our storm
Being one with the mirk
Seasoned well by the sea
A meal tenderised by the storm
Prepared feast plated
Ready for service
The patrons of the deep
Seated and ready
For the service of sustanance
But we battle hard
Steering true
Onwards we go faith in hand
The good ship stays fast
It’s crew take heart
Fight and pull together
Stronger by the day
At last the golden glow
Sun peeks through
An oasis in the dark
Birds apear a song so sweat
Hearts are lifted
Bodies and compartments
Dry and warmed
Life is easier
Even though precarious
Living on knifes edge of hope
Land is bright
On our chart
Hope of visualisation grows
Fight grows stronger in us
Our port and safety
Is closer we lust for confirmation
That glimpse of civility
Mother nature tries to teach
Reminding us we are meer tenants
She rules and governs us
Harsh and peaceful all at once
Returning balance to everything
Land oh how you are beauty
We speed closer
Smiles on faces colour in skin
Humanity survived
Strength and humility
Joy floods our soul
Seas calming brightness Shrouds
Molly coded and comforts
Rewarding us for our attentions
Delivery back to the living
Pride envelops us
Acheivement fills our core
Praise of life glow of joy
Happiness returns
Piloted through the break
Guided and delivered
Returned to our communities breast
Families gather
Banners waved tears fall frealy
We return victorious and humble
Better personages because of our trials
Home safe once more
The balance and eb
In our control for now
Ship moored safe and true
Bobbing gently against the jetty
The world smiles with us
As we walk home
Hand in hand with our parity
Alive and well blessed and free


Posted: October 3, 2015 in Random
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Droplet of fragility
Falls from my eye
Filled with emotives
Deep from inside
No sign of weakness
Strength to the most
Mark of respect
Joyful repose
My heart does release
Freely in time
The tears I may cry


Posted: July 12, 2014 in Random
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Rooted to the spot
Beauty and gile flow
Emitted by angelic actions
Supported by heavenly tones
Gentle eyes welcoming ever closer
Torso of god like proportions
Time speeds past un noticed
Muted suroundings
Devoid of attentions
Concintration and focus pinpointed
Emotive conection to story and view
Encaptured whole heartedly
Traversed every miliscule atom
Dragged deeper and deeper
Into the journey’s directions
Subliminally conected to pervayor
Happily following reluctant to recoil
Lost body mind and soul
Untill the end is reached together
Then hunger for new adventures with same
Never again alone in this vessel
Captured in joyous pleasure
Forever more


Posted: July 5, 2014 in Random
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Warmth of solar pleasure
Cascades from mirth filled blue
Cotton balls dance across the sky
Propelled by gentle breeze
Pain and dispare lift
Joy fills the soul
Batteries recharge to full
Smiles and natures glow return
To once sullen gray complections
Laughter and happiness
Bounce through the ether
Touching even the saddest heart
Freedom from stresses
Laps up against all
Releif from strains laps over ice
Joy poured into slender vessles
Relaxed and peaceful again


Posted: June 25, 2014 in Random
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You push and harrang
Insult slingers and vocalisations
Profanity and converted pugalist
Retrabutary simulation of baring
Reflections off substance
I am whole
Grown in humility
Educated and selfless
Kind and loving
Respectful of all
Friend or family supportive
Decisive of thought
Maluable and free
Unchained from your shackles
Wearing my scars and marks with pride
I am ,self,confidant,at peace,strong and brave”
Alone with your convictionless being
Wallowing in mire filled angst
Reward for your evils
Retrabution delivered free
No cost to your victims
No illegal behavour committed
My strength and happiness
Are stronger and sharper
Than any sword or weapon
I am the surviver
You are know the victim
Of your selfish ignorances