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Strength of a thousand armies
Knowledge of a world of books
Shoulders broad enough too carry all
Heart stronger than life itself
Hands strong with gentleness
But he is only one
He can not do everything at once
He will love you till the ends of time
Follow you through the universe
Constantly call you princess
And treat you as a goddess
He is fragile, he is meek, he is attentive
So take care not too break him
He will disapear
Disintegrating before your eyes
And poof he will be gone
And only the shadow left too cling too
In your hopeless abandonment

Set me free
Too spread my wings
Soaring high within the clouds
Acheiving the highest
Ability will allow
Living dreams and being me
Free from your tiraids and abuse
Lifted higher than you would allow
Unbound and complete
Without shame or fear
Being me and running with the crowd
The guiding light I should be
Dealing only with fate
And making my own path


Posted: October 20, 2015 in Random
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I solomly swear
To uphold
The honour of self
The ability of one

To fight day by day
Minute to hour
For the freedom deserved
To the end
Of journeys to be travelled

Accept my failings
Allow for others
Learn and adapt to all
Be myself and live true
No matter the case or cause

By this
I live with honour
Friend,foe or stranger
Dealt the same courtious pleasure
Welcomed with open arms
Weapons hidden from view
Sheethed for eternity
Swiftly drawn in defence of truth

This is my Oath
The pattern of life
Glowing free patriation
No matter place,time or reason
No evils or stresses bare
My life,my way by my rules

Carry me off on the wind
Scatter me hither and dither
Free my soul forever more
I have lived free
Fought for choices made
Defended the weak and feeble
Stood ground under adversity
Taken stands for worthwhile causes
Educated and passed on knowledge
Raised my children
In the path of strength and civility
Guided thier growth
Loved without condition
Held my hands out to aid the needy
Lived my life my way
Forsaken the doubters and haters
Survived and thrived
Despite all thier endevours
Life’s pitfalls and strife
Follow my example learn from my mistakes
I may be gone from physicality
But I thrive in the spirit
Of those loved and cherished
Family and friend alike
God speed you all on the journey of life


My friend true and bold
The warrior sole tall and strong
The teacher of skills
Purveyor of knowledge
Taxi driver and Atm
The one true constant
By my side
disciplined and trainer
Leader on paths
Director of operations
The role model for life
Un dyeing and faultless
True to the end
The guardian angel
Living beside us
My Father and friend
The limits are boundless


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From babe to adulthood
You have guided and taught
Worked tierelessly at your day job
Knew experiences taught
Helped with my homework
Taught me to play
Been supplier of knowledge
Facilitator of fun
Even been jailer and skelped my bum
I love you for ever always its true
My mortal protector and father too

Nobody gives you the praise everyday
So writing these word so I can say
There is nobody like you
None can take your place
Your here right beside me in time and space
You live true forever in this day and more
I know you’ll protect me for all time I am sure
Take stock of your acheivements as I stand by your side
Take pride in your teaching as a concur one more
Your guidance and wisdom have shaped who I am
Even right down to my pitching arm

Enjoy your day for all you have done
Allow yourself reflection
And a day filled with fun
Joy of your offspring many or one
You are always the leader
Our number one
Our friend and father
Great love from your ……………….

Edinburgh Landmarks

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Random
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                         Arthers Seat


                     Edinburgh Castle
                   and One oclock Gun



Royal Mile,St Giles Cathedral and John Knox’s house

                    Scots Monument

                View from Calton Hill

                The Forth Rail Bridge