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Small and chestnut
Full of life
Bundle of joy
Trouble and strife
Fresh of face
Filled with fun
We welcome you Rusty
Bring on the fun
Cooper the Spaniel
And red number one
The leader and teacher
Romeo is the one
Our family welcomes the joy in the sun


Mist Shrouds the strong
The sinuses strain
Preasures plunge us deeper
Hovering tenuously over a prosopis
Tall and strong in one hand
Feeble and weak on the other
Heart of oxen’s many
Eyes of a keen eagles glare
Backs stronger than any steel
Faith unwavering
Love to envelope the universe
scathed and scalded
We wander oblivious
The trueness of self drives us
Inspiring others too follow
We the individuals grow strong and true
Leaders one and all

Love for our children

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Random
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I love you forever

Guiding your path

Shoulder to cry on

Clown to make you laugh

Doctor and nurse

Taxi driver and teacher

For all of your life

My joy and payment

Is watching you grow

In indavidual greatness

Love,joy and peace

Blazing your trails

Personal,social and career

Raising your own family

I promise to be near

Flegging is painful

But joyous and fun

Stay safe in the knowledge

You always have space

Here with me and your mum

For years we have taught you

To be who you are

Our incredible ofspring

We delight in who you are


Spreading wings of wonder
Taking flight in bright new world
Grown up but enlightend by adveture
Taken floating aimlessly on winds of change
Directionless is apearance
Driven by dreams
No longer a child in worldly eyes
But adulthood dauntless of maturity
Fairy princess spread your wings
Fly high and safe your future begins