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My friend

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Random
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Where we met
Once strangers dwelt
Lonely abominations of self
Single and wandering
Embriotic souls searching
One X one Y
Paths so differing
Destinations unknown
Circle spiraling
Twisting through the universe
Incomplete and confused
Colision boom
Eyes met souls connected
X and Y
Paths now entwined
Buddies and compatriots
Side by side
Forever more as one
Friendships and relations
Endevours and excitement
Journeys untold and never planned
This was meant too be
You are my soul mate
Sister,brother other part of me
Completeness and empathy
Heart know as whole
Forever and always



Views of your kingdom
Shared with friends
Like minded fellows
Here till the end
Clarity of journey
Implanted by unsaid
Collusion of thought
Plans etched with care
Together always
No matter distance
Or explorations vein
Return to the kingdom
Ruled by  choice
Strength of the group
Will preveil

I separate the chaff
Indelibly imprint the map
Deep within your heart
Then let you go
Too run free

Wherever you roam
And wanderings take you
I am their beside you
Closer than close
Invisible but larger than life

In lives trials
I pull you through
Guiding and leading the way
Free from guilt and dispare
The light shines brightest

When your heart feels
The deepest thoughts
Bringing us bk together
Always and forever
As one completeness

In death as in life
We share all
For better or worse
Companions evermore
The separation plains
Can not rip us apart

For we are LOVE ITSELF forever more



Outsiders fear the covenant
Its internal support and bond
Baffeling to those looking in
As they search to grow networks
Like veins and arteries
Transporting nutients throughout
All different and indavidual
Syncronised as one
Place over countries and nations
Physical and communicatory bliss
The power of communication
The shelter of the Pack like bretherin
No task is too great no spells cast
We are there wholely and in truth
For each other no matter what
No need for dailly connections
The understanding of unities frame
Encopasses all completely
Relax in the covan and enjoy
Spread the message and love
From within deep by your actions
Smile and let its beauty enthrall
Powering your core to acheive
As indaviduals but also as family
In friends we trust and strengthen self
Now and forever more
The unspoken covenant is the basis
Build your foundations strong and true
No need to be alone or feel unwanted

Here  is a wonderful Duet with Patty-

I was honoured,excited and scared all at the same time but i love Paty’s style

and i just new that our styles would connect and merge well.

We hope you all like what we have done as much as we enjoyed putting it together

Love and hugs

Brian and Just Patty

us (708x1280)

Petite Magique-