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The masks

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Random
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From birth adorned 

These plates of concelement

Against societies abnormality 

And reluctance too beleive
The wearer is oblivious 

To the utterance too deceive

These lies and torments

Flood over them

Not once too be truth in vein
Warrior brave and strategic

Embattled for the cause

Armed with virtue and truth

Emblazend on their brow
Their ability and story

Only to the true be known

The loved and cherished confidant

Never socially confused

The closest thing to family

But not of flesh or blook
But together for life

In friendship complete and fair

Till this day forth 

Too dying day 

The conection will never be broken
There are a few who know

The truths behind the masks

But they never judge or hold account

As you lie deep in their heart

So onward ho and upward fly

Achieve your greatest dreams

Hazey  glazed optics

Electrified tingling nerves

Mental mist Clouding judgement

Depressive pain pushing down

Step by step muscles scream

Sinues shredded beyond repair

Medical endused palitive being 

Shopping done kids at play

Weapons drawn on a sunny day

Onwards and upwards the battle cry

Smile on my face song in my heart

This pain is defeated till morning light

Determined and willful onward strides

Warrior not victim the lion inside

Break down the walls flood the area with light

Don’t be disparaged get up and fight

Eyes meet
Glances exchanged
The hearts rhythm quickens
Clammy handed
Dry mouthed
Mind races
Face reddens crimson
Pulse races
Heart beats out of chest
Are you the one
My true love always
We stutter chat
Exchange details
Both wonder if we will meet again
Roses purchased
Card written and sealed
Friendship bands and time for meal
Table for two
In the romantic spot
Marked subtly with love heart notes
Will you be my valentine
Love of my life till the end of time
My heart is yours
Completely and true

My friend

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Random
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Where we met
Once strangers dwelt
Lonely abominations of self
Single and wandering
Embriotic souls searching
One X one Y
Paths so differing
Destinations unknown
Circle spiraling
Twisting through the universe
Incomplete and confused
Colision boom
Eyes met souls connected
X and Y
Paths now entwined
Buddies and compatriots
Side by side
Forever more as one
Friendships and relations
Endevours and excitement
Journeys untold and never planned
This was meant too be
You are my soul mate
Sister,brother other part of me
Completeness and empathy
Heart know as whole
Forever and always

I am sixfoot four
Strong and bold
Heart of a lion eyes of the hawk
Meek as a mouse farce as a tiger
Doctor,nurse and master provider
I have lived through pain
Visable and hidden
Been bullied,beaten and down trodden
Fought toe too toe taken out the trash
Stood in rank and saluted fast
Worked my fingers to the bone
Day after day
Kept a roof over my head
Meals every day
Walked every step in tattered shoes
Turned my back on troubled souls
Bullies and idiot bold
Plowed a furrow of my own
With true friends and heart bold
Pride filled steps
Songs in my heart
The approachable man
Gentle and kind to all around
Struggles and stresses haunt me so
From stife’s of the past
Stresses untold

I am a writer
Poet of sorts
From motion to word
I lay them down
From prose on my page
To poses of strength
I coach and spell oh so lyrical
A pen in my pocket
Stopwatch in hand
Clients and stories
Popularly rise
With offspring of beauty
Intelligence and fun
The world is thier oyster
Learning is fun
Tough and fair
I lead by example
They will take a direction
True to their heart
There future is theirs
Too command and desire
My strife I will evade
The pressures deflect
To my upmost and parental best
They are my mirror
The key to the world
Inside they drive me
Keep me alive

My partner in life
Is true as can be
Her demons dance perfectly
In time with mines here
Since first day to this
Through thick and thin
No matter what troubles
There might have been
I write to inspire
To clear up my head
From Haiku too epic’s
They flow from my pen
No matter the reason
The feelings evoked
Writtings a pleasure
Of words never spoken
Friendships are built
And never broken
Through media streams
Human nature and pen
Amazing relationship are a great thing
I thank it all
Everyone true
Old friend and new at home or abroad
Even the tormentors and bullies around

This is why I pen
Writing in words
No Oritory stumbles
Or tears on the ground


Daydreams of what could be
Watching days drift by
Chilling in the sun
You and I
Side by side
One day at a time
Growing together
Aging fast
Brothers and sisters
Born of different Dna
Thrown together
In early years
Friends now and forever
We will be
No distance or time
Will separate
The unity of togetherness
The family of unity
We friends of similar heart


Views of your kingdom
Shared with friends
Like minded fellows
Here till the end
Clarity of journey
Implanted by unsaid
Collusion of thought
Plans etched with care
Together always
No matter distance
Or explorations vein
Return to the kingdom
Ruled by  choice
Strength of the group
Will preveil


Outsiders fear the covenant
Its internal support and bond
Baffeling to those looking in
As they search to grow networks
Like veins and arteries
Transporting nutients throughout
All different and indavidual
Syncronised as one
Place over countries and nations
Physical and communicatory bliss
The power of communication
The shelter of the Pack like bretherin
No task is too great no spells cast
We are there wholely and in truth
For each other no matter what
No need for dailly connections
The understanding of unities frame
Encopasses all completely
Relax in the covan and enjoy
Spread the message and love
From within deep by your actions
Smile and let its beauty enthrall
Powering your core to acheive
As indaviduals but also as family
In friends we trust and strengthen self
Now and forever more
The unspoken covenant is the basis
Build your foundations strong and true
No need to be alone or feel unwanted

Your Rock

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Random
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Everyone has that one
Continual shoulder
Agony aunt and confidaunt
Joker,friend on speed dial
Who picks you up
Dusts you down
Always there when the chips are down
They get you drunk
Bail you out of tight spots
Steady,sure and on the ball
The surest friend of the lot
You bend the rules between ypu both
To make the time to meet in town
Sub concious support
No thought or doubt
Say thier name shout it out
Let the world know all about
Send the flowers a note or text
To show how much you apreciate
That rock and friend you need around


What is friendship
I hear you ask

Are we:
Always together
Helping out
Out on the town
or sitting about

On the phone
Night and day
A birthday card
Or text to say hey

Can it be knowing the truth
The flaws we have being uncooth
Allowing for changes in habit
Grumpy nature,feeling sad
Shoulder to lean on
Ear to bend
What do you consider in being a friend

Wheather next door
Two streets away
Across the border or oceans away
Effort and time is all that it takes
Aswell as allowances for those mistakes
Growing together over time and space
Keeping those people
True friends of mankind