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Wet nose on my face

That caring paw upon my chest

The high pitch bark and wagging tale

Full face smile with sparkling eyes

Those hugs and snuggles when ull or hurt 

My Big Red companion full of Irish grace

You may be larking over Rainbow bridge

With the four pawed brethren gone before

But your closer than ever nearer to me 

Deep in my heart and the memories dear

Big Red for ever from first day too last

Till we meet again on the pastures at last



Running free no lead to bind
Over Rainbow bridge with space to fly
Painless calm and youthful once more
My heart is broken my peace is gone
My friend,councillor and confidaunt
I smile and sigh with every thought
My sofa is bare where you once were
With all my heart I love you still
And run with you in spiritual bliss
Go in peace live full and fair
I promise to walk with you again some day
Never forget the times we had
The walks in the park and snuggles in bed
My Romeo forever more
Go with love and my hearts open door

(RIP Dophintime red romeo) Romeo
The best and most loyal Irishmen I know xxx


Daydreams of what could be
Watching days drift by
Chilling in the sun
You and I
Side by side
One day at a time
Growing together
Aging fast
Brothers and sisters
Born of different Dna
Thrown together
In early years
Friends now and forever
We will be
No distance or time
Will separate
The unity of togetherness
The family of unity
We friends of similar heart

I separate the chaff
Indelibly imprint the map
Deep within your heart
Then let you go
Too run free

Wherever you roam
And wanderings take you
I am their beside you
Closer than close
Invisible but larger than life

In lives trials
I pull you through
Guiding and leading the way
Free from guilt and dispare
The light shines brightest

When your heart feels
The deepest thoughts
Bringing us bk together
Always and forever
As one completeness

In death as in life
We share all
For better or worse
Companions evermore
The separation plains
Can not rip us apart

For we are LOVE ITSELF forever more



The Ben’s rise proud
The Loch’s ripple with life
The Glen’s lead the way
Bagpipes fill the air
Castles intimidating in stone
Glaring down on the populace
Cities filled with uniqueness
History spews from every pore
The golden life blood blends
To the core of your soul
Made from girders
Strong and true
The Bru courses our veins
With spice of life
A Scotsman with pride
We will live forever


As we grow we conceptualise
Our needs and wants through our eyes
Pitting them against our visalisations
Selectiveness prevails against nature
Our core beleif of what we seek
That kind hearted person,personality sweet
Loving,careing,inteligant,funny and neat
Ticking the boxes sub concious feat
Sole mates,friends love of our lives
Partners for ever giving us drive
Consoling in sadness,providers of joy
Determind nature whether Girl or boy
Approvals of other not needed or saught
Confidance of soul and acceptance of heart
Chosen for reasons deep and so true
Deliberations and points of view
Get thrown out the window
Because I choose you


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Far have I travelled
Great places I’ve seen
Through trials and tribulations
Friendships gained on the way
The Castle of stone
Fills me with pride
My love for my home I never hide
With fire in my heart a tear in my eye
The peices of me left behind
Walking the Mile and Princes Street
Feeling patriotism ooze
Up through my feet
True to my core that saltire strong
Taken with me where ever lifes gone
Praise to my country herelded and fair
Too my home city majestic and fair
Lions rampant upon my chest
Fair lands of Scotland you are the best

Beauties Beast

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Safely protected
Idolised by her beast
Kept from harm
Free to acheive
Provided for completely
Wrapped in comfort
Together they survive as one
Tending his needs
Supplying human comforts
Symbiotic relations reign
Happieness as one together

Every beauty deserves her beast
To protect and companion
Without confusion
Comprehensive similarity
Of opinions and trends
Living as indaviduals
Mirroring each other
Persinalities intertwind
Marraige of souls
Free to leave
No chains or teathers needed
Full unwillingness to seperate
As one they thrive forever


The endless supply
Of butterfly kisses
Gentle and emotive
Caressing my skin

Silken touch of flesh
Angelic feather light breath
Ensnares and titilates
Every inch of self

Carrying sences away
With transparent wings
Lifting the soul too elavated joy
Sensual and safe

Those butterfly kisses
Pulling us close
Together forever
Despite of it all

No matter the distance
Or journey at hand
Your here beside me
Hand in hand

With those butterfly kisses
Guiding us through
To our nirvana
Together us two