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Dazzle the lyricist 

Pugulist of linguistic provocation

Sheets strewn across the floor

Pages bleeding written utterances

Diction detectives clueless agility

Dictionaries burn with scripted speed

Ink like molten lava etched every letter deep

Correspondences spew freely with ease

Contemplation of moods bewildered and blended

Simili and proes subliminally appear

Cascading from mind to page seamless

Attention to details oblivious 

Time flies past without care

The writer immersed in the flow

Letters stories and poetry make

The weapon and cure for all eventualities



The world preys on the week is in printed on your soul.From birth we strive to achieve, the outcomes of our social expectancy. I am “Broydra” born to the family Fraynal first son of Crantlo and Mayas. Village protectors and chiefs of several generations.
The village consists of straw and mud huts surrounding out temple and stone clad abode (where my family reside). Set behind the statue of Garvinal the great (Dragon) and all his glory.
Once a protector and friend of early rulers and dwellers of this area. He kept an eye on all and saw off all evils and raiders alike. I have been told of many stories of greatness and endeavour in Days passed by my kin and their watchers.
And one day our protector will show himself to a lucky member and we shall live in harmony and unity. Free from all ills in a life filled with joy.

What will our protector look like ?, will it be small or huge ? Fierce or friendly or will it fly or walk who knows ?. These are all things pre determined by fate if the teachings and stories are correct. I can only wonder and wait , while I pray it’s sooner rather than later. These thoughts constantly fill my head as I wonder the surrounding area and learn the laws of the land.
My knowledge maker Harmeron is a very wise and wonderful man. Strong as several oxen and tall as any tree, with a strange scared mark on his scalp. This is never mentioned or spoken by others and leaves my imagination too run wild.
Very fertile and amazing by all accounts from the other youngsters who sit and listen to my fairy tales and stories. Around the village fire at night fall we spin yarns and sing while others dance. These times are the best as all in the village gather and catch up on the days events. The elders and hunters spin their yarns and contemplate the outcomes to be .