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The physical attacks
Leave visual scars and marks
That heal and disappear
They mentally scar
Even those disapate
Verbal and mental abusiveness
Sythe to the core
Etched forever on the cyrable cortex
Darkening life and causing strife
Attacked by those ment to protect
Aswell as the idiots scared out of wits
Which is harder to accept
The closeness of wolves in sheep’s clothing
With no end in sight
This is the tasks thrust upon victims
Day in and day out for time in memorial



Standing still
Twitching in anticipation
Coaxed round hand in hand
Ticking invites chimes
Hourly alarm sounds
Standing still in space
Transfixed on its face
Complexions of thought
Whir like Swiss crafted pieces
chronography at its best
Intertwined seemless
One piece one body
Sub conscious motivations drive
Bodies of complex mechanics
Life and time bound
Hours,minutes ,seconds
Pass oblivious
As we stare into spaces complexity


Bodies strewn across the landscape
Shells of thier former selves
Hollow lifeless and cold
The brain whirls at speeds unreconiseable
Playing over and over again snipits in time
Vivid as if exact and poiniant
Realistic beyond beliefs gaze
Alone in this hellish dark void
Screaming in silence unheard by all
Miss understood by the masses
Looked upon as weird
Medicated into meekness’s submission
Contemplatory acceptance of place in time
Poles apart from true mental state
Fighting those demons charging towards us
Leaving shells devoid of life strewn on the landscape
To continually replay and haunt our souls