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Wake from slumber fresh and New

Smile and move do the things you do

FUELED correctly ready to go

One step at a time we walk out the door

With a cheery good morning and welcoming smile

Set yourself a challenge to say good morning to 25 strangers

See them smile back no dull faces or danger

Widen your path grow networks wide

This simple challenge daily will blow your mind

New Connections made ,friends and happier days

Not just for you but many that day

How do you feel ?!!!!

That’s right far better than before

More determined to get out and grow some more

Take this ethos where ever you go

Light up your future with a simple Hello



It amazes me endlessly that with full cupboards,fridge and freezer. There is always great debate on what to have for lunch !!!!.
    And im my household what time is actually lunch time ?. How had can it be for those on a normal regeme/diet.

Personally I am on a 5 meal day (grazing) diet to keep the body fueled properly throughout the day.
  Loading up with my full 2600-3000 calaries at breakfast. Then keeping my body topped up by eating something every 3 hours or so. Here is how I do things,(Breackfast,snack,lunch,snack,Dinner and plenty water (most plain) but fruit/green teas and some coffee) eating a 40% protein 30% fats 30% carbs and plenty fruit and veg with added Protein shakes to top up.


Poridge Oats , Wholegrain Ceareals, Whole grain bread, Grilled Bacon,Poached/Boiled Eggs, Natural Yoghurt,Fresh Fruit,Dried Fruit,Nuts/Seeds,Low Fat Spreads,
Examples of good foods for constructing a healthy balanced and filling breakfast.


Baked Potatoe,Pasta Salad,Soup,Wholegrain/wheat sandwich,Wrap,Soup,Fresh/Dried Fruit,Nuts/Seeds,water,Tea/Coffee
These are the sort of foods to help construction of a tasy nutitious and healthy meal


Lean Meats Pork,Lamb,chicken,Beef and fresh fish,rice(brown),Pasta whole/mixed grain, Sweet Potatoe, Boiled,roasted or steamed Vegetables,salsas,vinigar dressings,salads,Fresh vegetables,Pulses/Seeds,Nuts,Fresh/Dried Fruit.
There is plenty choice for a healthy diet and better energy levels and greater pleasure cooking it yourself instead of mass produced processed Mush.


Fresh/Dried Fruit,Nuts,Seeds,Pulses
Protein Shakes/Bars, Fruit Juices (Whole fruit) natural yoghurts,Porridge

These snacks are small bites too keep you going till next meal so dont have to be large.Just packed with nutritious goodness , doing this will help control insulin Production and release.
  Aswell as producing the proper energy convertions, and maintaining the bodies homeostasis and natural chemical distrabutions and productions.

There is only one question to be asked