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Placed upon earth
Striving for survival
Soaking up knowledge
From all that surrounds
Eyes wide open
Ears pinned back
Eternally questioning
Those on the path

We huddle together
For safety and warmth
To banish the darkness
For protection of worth
Forward we stride
Indavidualism our sheild
Against social awareness
And the horrors it weilds

From singleton to partner
We seamlessly pass
Hero and protector
To siblings amassed
New role and stresses
Passed in our wake
Headlong and onward
With confidant aire

We are but foils
Parting the air
So others may follow
And learn on the way
It’s not for us to be forceful
Or drag them our way
Just guide and enlighten
This who would dare

Born unaware
Of our place on this earth
Kept busy just living
Battling for worth
With hard work and laughter
We find true placement for one
And social acceptance
We take our turn

Enevitability takes us by the hand
Guides us with comfort
As time does pass
Everyone safe under our charge
Prepared in the knowledge
It’s our time to pass
They take on the journey
Upon us too walk
As one with the earth
And the universes birth
We watch them and smile
From positions on high
This is our journey
The reasoning why

I left because of pain
The violence in my brain
Tortured by your intolerance
Damaged by your physicality
A love once born free
Hammered and beaten
Too inches from death
Lost know forever
Trust obliterated from my sole
This beauty did not seek
A beast too brutalise
Her sole or virtue
It wasn’t yours you had no right
Being you does not give you parity
I am a being full of worth
Not a punch bag or torture vessel
I sit with the demons you gave me
I shrug and hide
From any contact with others
Because of you and your brutality
Demonic lusting for powers thrill
You will meet with Karma
And on that day you will fall
As I rise and unfurl my wings once more
Time will heal with care
And once more I will be
Confidant and trusting again
While you battered bruised and alone
Will wilt and die in the hole you have dug


Posted: August 14, 2014 in Random
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Insanity reigns alone
Thoughts pass through
Devoid of tenderness
Solitude of emotionality
The blade glints in the light
Grasped in calm hand
Silence of onlookers screams
Hiden in the void
Skin pale lifeless hew
One diagonal stroke
Followed by verticle swish
Crimson darkness exudes from veins
Spewing onto the paleness below
Slumped life cascades
Soulless and cold
Shallow gaze filled releif


Posted: July 14, 2014 in Random
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Tears stream
Rivers form on cold flesh
Gray sullen complection
Body numb with confusion
Stumbling across the floor
Carrying the lifeless corps
Limp and icy cold
Staring eyes dark and soulless
Where has the spark gone
The center of the know universe
Collapsed and crushed

Sleep in peace
This beauty I knew well
Go frolic with ancestors past
The future is pain free
Age will not mar your flesh
The pain of loss will not mire your soul
Indiscresions can not blot pages
Freedom from strifes is yours
Our love will lift you high
Float free and secure in our hearts
Angel of my life forever more

With pain and sorrow
I say farwell
No golden glow omitted
Heart heavy
Mind twisted with heavyness
I wish I could
Physically accompany you
But time and fate
Are against our future
Photo albums of memories
Carried close and internal
Keeping you alive and near

“I will love you forever
Keep you close
Rest in peace with love
Time will heal
Watch over us
Keeping us safe from harm
Our angel in life and death”



Staring across still dark water
Searching for life forces
Beyond the murkier enbodyment
Not a ripple or wave shows
On your surface glassial and still
No shimmer of life or light shafts
Appear or reflect into my eyes

Where has the life tranfered too
When only days ago
It was energetic in its eruptiveness
Ripples glistened with golden glow
And Foam coated waves carressed the shore
What forboding evil has stolen the treasure of life

Fixed glare of dispare
Scanning every segmental section
Praying and hoping to find
One small immebic glimpse of hope
A ripple of breath breaking free
Or a insignificant wave lapping in quiet life like joy
Hope above hope of regeneration and envigourment

Hour after hour sighlently watching
Dispare taking over at thought of the end
Perhaps continued struggles added pain and strife
Have finally drawn your spirit from life
I shed a tear of quiet sorrow
Give up my honour in salute of your name
We played together for manies a summer
Flow back to nature for ever and ever