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Twisted lying still

Innards shift and tumble

Crimson red rises

Spewing like molten lava flows

Exuding weakness and frailty

Tears fall to the ground

Like glass beads scattered below

 emotions lost and bewildered 

Mentally destroyed scarred forever

One individual against life

Can it rise and develope once more

With nurturing and tending

It’s soul will be reborn 

Like a planet scorched by flames

It regenerates in time and flourishes again

Seeds hidden frailties gone

That strength renewed better than before

Stronger, taller with lessons learned

Take on all demons and hater to bare

In de verte verreweg nog nooit gezien Maar altijd in de buurt, schatplichtig aan die van de keuze
Uit het hart, met de geest en de stem Onvoorwaardelijke fragiel en gratis Onze eenheid en liefde zo vrij

In the depths of dispare
I dwell in its squaller
Sullen and grey
Passified by pain and torture
Medicated too oblivion
Family and friends
Cast thier gaze over my living shell
Masked smile animamatronic nod of head
Robotic steps one after the other
Dipressive and fearful
I huddle in my tight ball
No enemy or friend can break through
How is this deamed survival
A note or tune
Strikes a match within
Fires egnite burning slow
Higher and higher there energies rise
Colour Emblazen my flesh
Emotion returns to my motion
Stick in hand I stride
Head held high I fight
Concealment no longer my domain
Exterior function returns
The look of amazement and wonder
Clearly Visable on all the faces
Surrounding me
Pitty falls from grace exchanged for pride
This inner light continues to burn
Fed by heart,friendship and determination
I am the light the mobilizations
The fight is continual
Victories many as the war is faught
The guiding light consumes

Mirror of life

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Random
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Still and calm,glass like pose
No scar like ripples
Breaking the surfaces reflections
Serenities masking turmoils within
Unbeknown to the un suspecting
Nieve and blind just carry by

Tossed to and frow
By torents and changes
Turbulantly motioning inner beauty
Shifting and heaving changing direction
Controlless and un commanded
Nature and fate twisted spirals

Full of life
Like human nature
Destruction and confusion
Reign supreme
Life forces unsuspecting
Regenerate,adapt and grow

Sitting here I watch and wonder
Do you feel the same as me
Filled with powers and emotions
Uncontrolled or guided by self
How do you show such perfection
With upheival and motions
Deep in your soul