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Posted: October 23, 2015 in Random
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Swithering indecisive convulsion
Changing the abilities path
Training utilised above everything
Common sence delivered
Rules followed
Parity retained truelly
Indavidualism is not a ruler
It is a difinition of worth
A self choice
Of outcomes and pathways
I am me not a robotic clone
Being me irratates and mires
But spreads joy to Dailly tasks
Make for interest and elaboration
Of the compliances
I am myself I follow my own path


Follow the rainbow
Carry your dreams
Propel yourself forward
Raise off your knees
Be thankful for being
Give thanks for the sky
Take challange apon challange
Expanding your mind
Fill with power of acheivement
With lion strength of heart
Disgard all the rubbish
Making lives hard
Live for your own
Family and friends
Dress in the colours
Of the rainbows ahead


Fluidity and strength
Encompassing all
Smothering but life giving
Destructive but graceful
Natural aswell as mystic
True accomplished fable
Inner spirit and manamalistic
Pressance over invisibility
Truth raising through lies
Cyrstalised indeminatable infractures
Pedistal built and placed
Who rises highest
Steps clearly with blessing
Free will accomplishes
Above all others

You do not know me
Or the road I travel
Born a gambler
With the deck from hell
Playing the cards
The original dealt me
Poker faced, cold as ice
Devoid of emotion
I sit at the table
Not tell or distinguishing be trail
Play them hard
Keep them honest
The sharks and demons
Fall apart
Far on journeys
Changes of direction
Never swaying true too self
People come and people go
Never a glance or sombre fair well
Those that stay have lived a story
Intersected and entwined of my own
We are true friends family close
Never further than dialling tone
Raise for future ready to battle
Party hard and evils scattered
I am me a wondrous soul
never deflected
Battle scared an honour to bare
Free soul and stronger of nature
I am my self and proud to be so


Parent and teacher
Provider and cleaner
Husband and friend
Lover and protector

Confidant and relaxed
Funny and educated
Strong and humble
Personable and selfless
Able and understanding

The parts of us blurred
Melded into one individual
Hazey shadows of self
Formed and shared
individuality peaks through
Blurred and bleary lineage
Who and when are we
Who we are meant to be
Is it constantly changing
Are we ever truly self
Once and for all ever again


Twisted contusions
Bacterial atomised evils
Viral contensiousness purges
Intersections distort and mire
Systems overloaded and twitching
Fear controls outcomes path
Miss informed sentiments
Quelled by chemical concoctions
Dolled out by uniformed academics
Litteral understanding of purpose
Derived by education and testing
Individuals deviod of feeling
Conceived as statistics and graphs
Attempted freedoms quest
Selfworths attempt of requisition
Paths sub concious seletiveness
Intrusions intersect life
Disability,illness,normality or living


Locked away devoid of feeling
Emotiveness floods the soul
Fear stricken spectres of doubt
Battling with presevatory abilities
Joy of self jousting with hatefulness
Abilities subdued by ignorance
Dragged deeper into dispare
By pittiful embevalance
Miss understood and conpounded
Striving to shine soulful light
Through misty darkness
Self presevatory struggle
Pushing to rise above and eluminate
Hatred bannished to inner core
Tormentors blocked and silenced
By intrepid speeches and lyrical prose
The deep battle of egoless self
Dailly and iconceptual
Lifting of spirit above sinfulness
Contempt and angers fade
Self worth and joy of being
Struggle to rise,through battles won and lost

     I am never Lose I WIN or I Learn


Found deep in the belly
Of the souls of mortals
The determination and fight
to defeat any adverce difficulty
From simple day to day issues too
life changing choices

Filled with fire, hope and dreams
There is no control of the contemplations of the soul
Devouring all the putrid and festering poisons life throughs at us
Dedeating beasts and foes that challange and impeach us

With sword of honesty and truth
We traverse down our winding path in the direction of our dreams
Unswithering, self demanding , production of optimum abilty
We push and pull our lifestyle in the directions needed to obtain
Our ultimate goal and target devine

To those that doubt or hate what our endevours , energy and drive allow us to acheive
This life warrior through stress, pain, depression and challanges
With sword strongly drawn will champion and defeat all in its path

We are warriors true
Beleagered humans
Champions of darkness
Providers of peace
Committed to our cause
and unswithering on the path of life


Today I was asked how I bacame me, as grounded and relaxed as I seem.
   I had to think long and hard about it because its something I have done without thought (or awareness) .
  I made a decision to not do too, others as I had done to me. At an early age, to learn humility and too have strength,and to make myself the best.
I could through education,training,understanding,knowledge and experience.
   The main one though is self acceptance and awareness of self. This is one of the most important, thinking of yourself is not an easy task. As we grow up we are taught to think of others before ourselves.
   So self thought is conciously quite difficult. I am constantly being told by friends that I am tough on myself and I am better than I think .

I have never told them , that I know this and that being hard on me my way keeps that person true and real. By not allowing myself to slip from what is seen.
   Throughout life situations,challenges and difficulties are put infront of us,to navigate past and workout. How we deal with these is how others see us and what makes us who we are. Our compassion,love,heart,determination,feeling,care,attention and abilities all make up our tool kit for life.
  Ask yourself “Who am I” see if you can write down a list or a few paragraphs without a title .Then give it to a trusted and close friend and see if they can tell you who it is . If you want to before that ask them “Who do you think I am” and see what list or there few paragraphs contain and if you recognise yourself.
( Dont take anything written to heart)
This is purely  a task of interest not a concrete evaluation.

You are amazing:
You are You

Never be anything anyone wants you to be if it changes who you want to be and who you beleive ” I am”


Why do people give different areas of the human race grief. From school to old age the people who are different or not normal are ridiculed.
You could be in a wheelchair or autistic have a facial disfigurement or speech problem. And society has it bred into it that poking fun and making people’s life miserable.
I have suffered first hand at these twisted people and still do on occasion.

Yes I look different,my facial features are different and I have a lot of scars on my face.
I know now some of my bullies really well.And some have imparted why they were bullies and why I was a victim.

A lot of the problems comes from not knowing what to do or say. The education to understand what is said about the problem.
And the compassion and patience to understand the situation surrounding the behaviours and outbursts.
predominant fear of the unknown and the social in bread acceptance that bullying happens. And conceptive stupidity that they can break these victims and play them like a game.

The above is true most bullied people mental,physical or psychological. I personally know it oh too well from 4-14 I wore that mask well.
Tools needed to escape the spiral, wicked sence of humour,an outlet to vent frustration, strong will and determination with thick skin and fortitude.
On many occasions I would used witty retorts and jokes. Turn rounds and knowledge to twist there taunts to my favour. Mental strength to take on what has been said but control it and use it for your own advantage.
None of these things are easy I know many years of practice got me to where I am today. Many tears,hurt,fear and turmoil went my way. But I am here and living proof that it can work,bullies can be beaten and you can still be the best you can be !!.
School was definatley the worst time as kids are cruel. Then I joined the Armed Forces yup set myself up for even more hard times.
The strength gained from my early years drove me to my passing out parade and 10+ years of service.

Dont be scared to talk to adults about what is going on. Please don’t let their uneducated words break your will. Hold your head up high and fight for your space on the path . You have as much right if not more to walk this path and succeed than anyone .